Deforestation Essay: A World Without Forests Is Unimaginable

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A world without forests is unimaginable. They are amid the planet’s most unique ecosystems, accounting for nearly three quarters of our earthly biodiversity. Forests provide countless benefits such as habitats for animals, unique ecosystems with a variety of plants and bacteria, and a large variety of ecological services. They are beneficial to humans, their inhabitants, and the earth in which we live. However, recent studies reveal that deforestation has diminished nearly three-quarters of tropical rainforests within the past decade. A world without forests is quickly becoming reality. Deforestation refers to a large area of trees and the surrounding environment being cut down at once. This is a common process used throughout our world as a way to provide more land, food, and resources for nearby civilizations. The government usually regulates deforestation, however, illegal …show more content…
Because of this and the government’s failure to care about these issues, several areas worldwide are being depleted of their forests. With that said, it is assumed to be understood that controlled deforestation is beneficial to human inhabitants. Nonetheless, the real issue here is uncontrolled, or illegal, deforestation. Author and researcher Sam Lawson reveal that “nearly half (49%) of all recent tropical deforestation is the result of illegal clearing for commercial agriculture.” The decline of our tree population will eventually lead to the decline of our human population. The greenhouse gases emitted by human activity plays a part in global warming, which is a well-known process that causes the Earth to heat. These gases are unable to escape from the Earth’s atmosphere, slowly heating our planet, which leads to even more problems. Carbon is absorbed and kept inside of the limbs, leaves, roots and soil of the trees and is disseminated when they are removed, crowding the atmosphere with even more gas that cannot seep

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