Spring Break Essay

  • What Is Spring Break Essay

    It was spring break. A student’s best time of the year, the days starting to get warmer and longer. It was the best time to be alive and joyful. A vibrant child awoken from his dream as he heard someone mutter from a far distance. He was ravenous, like a bear is hungry after he has awakened from his long nap during Spring. As he walked out the door the smell of sweet, fragrant food followed him into the room. He entered the kitchen to a soft voice from his mom asking him what he would like to eat, her words were as soft as a snowflake on a leaf during the winter. He had been the last one to arrive at the table. All of his brothers had already begun eating breakfast. Miguel, the youngest brother at the time, started to make a continuous patter on the table indicating enthusiasm of going outside, that was his clue to finish the food quickly. That evening, Miguel and his brother had decided to set out in search of an adventure, something new. They both had a vast imagination and could think of anything for the good use of fun. They got on their bike and scooter and set out on their adventure. They rode through the park as they were enriched with the earthy and flowery smells that surrounded them. The panorama was magnificent as the light shined through the trees, squirrels set out to find nuts and kids playing in the playground. They spent most of their day at the park exploring as well as riding their bike and scooter, as sundown was approaching and the darknest was getting…

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  • What Is A Spring Break Essay

    Caleb’s Spring Break Caleb marked another day on the calendar before sleeping and counted the remaining days to his trip. Right after 15 days, over the spring weekend break from school, he was going to his Grandpa’s farm as his parents would be away on a trip to Paris. He closes his eyes and tries sleeping as he wants the days pass quickly. This seemed like a dream come true for him. He smiled as he sees his house disappearing from his sight. As a young boy, he felt that a trip to the…

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  • Narrative Essay On Spring Break

    It was the beginning of my spring break and I was in my senior year of high school, when my mom received an alarming call, which in that moment seemed to be more alarming to her than to me. I never would have expected a call like this and here is what happened. Before spring break, my english class was prepping for graduation and letting people know who met the requirements and who did not. One of those requirements was to write an 1000 word biography essay on a poet during the Renaissance. My…

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  • The Importance Of Spring Break

    It was an eight hour drive. Eight hours I would spend with three people I barely knew. This was the first time I had ever been anywhere over spring break, and I was going with a family that was not mine to a place I had never been. Anyone my age would consider a week away from their family to be a blessing, and I was no different. School was 700 miles away and I had a week ahead of me to do as I pleased while staying in a beach house for free. Before I could get to any of this, however, I had to…

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  • Spring Break Reflection

    As I began this assignment, I found it difficult to recognize when I was having negative thoughts. I decided to track my thoughts over the course of spring break. I began recording my thoughts as spring break began at Fort Stewart in Georgia. I tracked my thoughts as the week continued. As I began to track my thoughts, I did not notice any pattern of when they occurred. However, most of the thoughts I did track occurred when I visited Fort Stewart in Georgia over spring break. I went to post to…

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  • Spring Break Reflection

    I learned that white people aren’t the devil Spring,2016. Growing up I didn’t see many and not because I lived in a “poor- black” community. They were not seen as equal within my mind due to me recognizing black people as; doctors, lawyers, educators, and entrepreneurs. When I did see them I thought it was my duty to feel superior as my elders and ancestors once felt inferior. I attended a Pro- Black middle school that explained that I was made within the idea of our creator simply, because of…

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  • Spring Break Essay

    “So guess where we’re going over spring break?” "Where?" I asked my mom. "Where going to St. Louis to visit a wax Museum." When she informed me regarding this outing I was not excited. I loathe leaving town. There 's nothing to do, you 're perched on your butt, and in the long run it begins to get numb; you 're exhausted for a considerable length of time. Also I have five more youthful siblings and sisters. I would need to it in the car with them the entire whole outing and they 're boisterous.…

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  • Spring Break Paragraph

    What 's the craziest thing you have done over spring break? It was a beautiful spring day, warm and humid with a cool slow wind, sunny the perfect day and it could only get better. It was the day that we had our trip to the lake planed. All of us got off work and we grouped up at my house. We all decided that we would take my car just for the experience, it is a very fast car that turns heads everywhere. The car is all blacked out with crazy rainbow headlights and ridiculously loud exhaust, not…

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  • My Experience Of Spring Break

    So it was about three weeks before Spring Break and I had to make up my mind about what I was to do because I didn’t want to be cooped up in the house like I do annually anyways. My cousin Josiah had opened that opportunity up for me. He had asked me if I wanted to go to New York with him over the Spring Break and meet my other family. At first, I paid him no mind because I thought he was buffing until his mom called me and asked if I was coming or not. She told me that if I was coming, have my…

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  • Narrative Essay About Spring Break

    Spring Break is supposed to be one of the best weeks of your year. You’re supposed to go out and party and get drunk and do stupid things on the beach. I did two of those things the first night of my Spring Break. This is the Spring Break of my sophomore year, it 's a sunny, but chilly, spring afternoon. I had originally planned to go golfing with S, but we decided against it, and invited R and A to come hang out with us. It was my first time hanging out with this group, and I was really…

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