Negative effects of Animal Testing Essay

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  • Negative Effects Of Animal Testing

    Animal Testing: A Cruel Abuse or Vital Aspect of Research? As technology, medication, and new products are being altered and developed, animal testing labs are growing greatly in size (Casey). The term “animal testing” refers to the experimentation and studies conducted on living animals in the name of science. In fact, it is believed that over 115 million animals each year are being used in laboratory tests (Paterson). The testing, once restricted to only rodents like mice, rats, rabbits, etc., has expanded its research to cats and dogs as well (Paterson). Companies like Proctor and Gamble, for instance, are known for their extensive use of animal testing on their products. Because Proctor and Gamble own many big name makeup brands, household…

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  • Animal Cruelty: The Negative Effects Of Testing On Animals

    makeup, or cleaning products they could be supporting animal cruelty and not even know it. Across the world, countless animals are locked inside bare, cold cages in laboratories. They are lonely and just want to be set free from their isolation and misery. They wait in terror for the next painful experiment to be performed on them. The stress that these animals are under causes them to bite their skin and rip their hair out. Therefore, it is important that customers check the label on their…

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  • The Positive And Negative Effects Of Testing On Animals

    Mice are mice. Dogs are dogs. Humans are humans. This should be simple to understand, yet, we live in a world with such a high amount of people believing that cruel, painful testing on innocent animals will have the same outcome for people. The truth is that 95% of the tests that pass through animals proceed to fail in the human body. And why would that be? The two of us are such different species with different body structures and brain functions; therefore, we aren’t correspondent at all. In…

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  • Four Negative Effects Of Drug Testing On Animals

    rely on animals in research): "The best guess for the link Between negative reactions in humans and animals for toxicity data are between 5% and ". 25%. In other words, the tests carried out on animals, at best, will reveal one of the Al Four negative effects of the drug on humans. However, we will not know any of these four effects will happen In humans to be drug tested on many people. Each year, approximately, of the 35,000 animals are in Europe and millions of them in all over the world…

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  • The Negative Effects Of Victims Of Animal Testing On Animals

    Millions of animals are being imprisoned in cages waiting on the next experiment to be performed; these animals are the victims of animal testing. Animal testing is the use of animals in scientific procedures to discover if certain substances are safe for humans. Of the one hundred million animals that are tested on each year, the diversity of the species ranges from frogs to monkeys. The individuals for animal testing approve of what occurs inside the laboratories, and those against animal…

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  • Consequences Of Juvenile Crimes

    reducing juvenile crime, but there are ways far more effective than adult trying and sentencing.      When considering the idea of trying and sentencing juveniles as adults, it is important to know exactly what these procedures may entail. Amnesty International, a human rights group, found that Juveniles are often subjected to physical and sexual abuses while in detention (World: Americas Amnesty Says US Jails Too Many Children). An environment like this is far too…

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  • Argumentative Essay On The Benefits Of Animal Testing

    26 billion animals are used every year for animal testing (Animal Testing). Some would argue that animal testing is helpful to the human life because we have found a lot about what the body looks like inside and how it works. Also, we have found many vaccines against harmful diseases. Woods research states “animal testing has been around for over 2,000 years” (9). Alcmaeno, a Greek scientist in 500 BC found about how eye sight works. Erasistrtus, an Egyptian scientist in 300BC found out many…

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  • Analyzing The Essay 'Do Not Use The Word Thing'

    Animals experience the same pain level as humans. So with animal testing we are putting animals through a lot of pain. Nevertheless, with animal testing we are killing over 100 million animals every year. We are also killing over 22,000 cats every year, cats are also known as one of the most kindest animals. Even though people think that we are saving human lives by risking animals lives. This is not always the case, drugs they may work on animals may not always work on humans. In the end,…

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  • Argumentative Essay: The Impact Of Animal Testing On Humans

    Since the beginning of the world’s earliest scientists, animals have been used for testing. Though most people probably do not know, infamous scientists such as Aristotle and Erasistratus used live animals to test various experiments, and since then the testing has not stopped. “About 20 million animals are experimented on and killed annually, three-fourths for medical purposes and the rest to test various products. An estimated eight million are used in painful experiments. Reports show that at…

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  • Persuasive Essay On How Animal Testing Is Inhumane

    Animals all over the globe are sitting in a cage right now, scared, cold and alone waiting for the next experiment to be done to them. They sit in this cage longing for the day that they are able to free, if they survive the experiments or if they are of no longer need to the scientists. Every year there are millions of animals killed in laboratories from the tests and experiments done to them. These poor, defenseless animals are poisoned, shocked, and burned during these tests and are often…

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