The Negative Effects Of Victims Of Animal Testing On Animals

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Millions of animals are being imprisoned in cages waiting on the next experiment to be performed; these animals are the victims of animal testing. Animal testing is the use of animals in scientific procedures to discover if certain substances are safe for humans. Of the one hundred million animals that are tested on each year, the diversity of the species ranges from frogs to monkeys. The individuals for animal testing approve of what occurs inside the laboratories, and those against animal testing do not approve of what takes place. Those in favor bring up points like how animal testing has lead to many life saving cures, but there’s also the opposing point- the fact that some cures were not safe for humans due to the differences of the …show more content…
Drugs like penicillin and aspirin were toxic to some animals while helpful to humans. The continuous use of animal testing could lead to a decrease in population or cause humans to suffer because of the difference in biological makeup. The alternative methods that have developed through the years should be used over any other method. The alternatives could prevent the loss of lives of innocent animals. The Humane Society International refers to some of the punishments the animals face by saying, “...killing by carbon dioxide asphyxiation, neck-breaking, decapitation, or other means." Many of the animals end up dying after experiencing extensive suffering, which is just as inhumane as a human being going through the same …show more content…
Insulin was created by the removal of a dog’s pancreas, which is crucial to a diabetic’s life. An additional advance was the reduction of polio case numbers; the number went from 350,000 cases in 1988 to 223 cases in 2012. Animals have allowed scientists to learn more about deadly diseases and follow them closely. A reason that the treatments have been found is due to the similarities of some animals to humans. Chimps share ninety-nine percent of DNA with humans while mice share ninety-eight percent. A majority of animals are derived from the same ancestors, which leads to the similarities being present and making some animals adequate test subjects.
Animal testing is inhumane, but the point of animals lacking rights is true. Human lives should be put above animals when there is a known chance of the subjects dying; the humans should not be exposed to the dangers and mutations that take place in the labs. Though the animals should not have to face the problems either, human lives are more important because of the fact that a human has more significant thought processes and is capable of making moral decisions. However, if the focus was shifted to technology that didn’t rely on testing humans or animals (which is available), lives of both species could be

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