Animals, And Animal Testing: Animals Or Humans?

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Animals or Humans?
Animal Testing, animal experimentation, and animal research are all considered the same thing. It refers to the experimentation carried out on animals whether it is conducted in universities, medical schools, pharmaceutical companies or farms. It is used to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of medication and household products to cosmetics and pesticides, as well as find out exactly how the human body moves and functions. Millions of innocent animals are investigated or killed, in laboratories every year across the world, for scientific research. A variety of animals are used for animal testing: Mice, frogs, fish, dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, monkeys, and birds are just a few that have been used in laboratories for
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This type of test alone caused swelling, bleeding, and even blindness to the rabbits. No matter if it’s a short or long time period, while being restrained, animals are immobile. They are restrained so they cannot escape while tests are being performed. Animals have even intentionally been infected with cancer, diabetes, and other types of diseases, for treatment, to see if a cure can be found (Using Animals for Medical Testing Is Unethical and Unnecessary, para 2). But, what most people don’t know is when animals are artificially infected with these diseases, the disease is never identical to those that occur naturally in human beings (Using Animals for Medical Testing Is Unethical and Unnecessary, para 2). Also no two animal species are the same which will cause experiments to have misleading results. In addition to the torment of the actual experiments, animals are confined in cages where they are left to be traumatized. These creatures are treated like nothing more than laboratory equipment and not like the loving pets the all deserve to be. Animals cannot take up for themselves, so how is it fair? With more than two million supporters and members, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Humans, (PETA) is the largest rights organization in the world (Using Animals for Medical Testing Is Unethical and Unnecessary, para 3). They believe it is wrong to do animal testing. Animals needlessly suffer to death every year from the horrible experiments that are done to them. Through testing, people believe that science should be further developed and the best way to do so is through animal testing; but animals are not humans. Despite the obvious physical features, humans and animals are unalike in many ways. Being so different, performing tests on animals does little to improve the health of humans.

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