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  • Essay On Diverse Teaching Strategies

    The diverse teaching strategies in the classroom are constantly changing. The teacher strategies are usually based off what the students are feeling. There are never lectures in the classroom. Each student has a teacher of his or her own to work with throughout the whole day. In my opinion, there is no teacher-directed discussion. When a teacher is working with a student, the teacher does the work with the student. The teachers in the classroom do not really ask questions unless they are do evaluations. The students in the classroom have a hard time giving the teacher feedback because most of them are nonverbal or cannot comprehend. There are many demonstrations the teachers show the studnets while working with them. Before a teacher and a student begins doing a worksheet, the teacher will demonstate what they will be doing first. Audio-visuals are common in an everyday lesson. The students have many educational games on their ipads. When a student is getting overwhelmed with working with a teacher, it is common for the teacher to let the student play an educational game on the ipad. Guided practice is different in their classroom then normal classrooms. At random times of the day, the teacher will start reviewing what…

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  • Reflection On Dr. Best Teaching Strategies In Nursing Education

    Dr. Best teaching method included clinical scenarios and I shared clinical perspective of administration of Vancomycin and important nursing consideration with patients taking this medication. The trough level are drawn and monitor to make adjustments to medication. Teaching strategies used were writing on the white board and critical thinking scenarios. Disseminating knowledge on Vancomycin in the classroom setting was a great teaching and learning experience. Dr. Best and I discussed…

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  • Universal Design For Learning Principles And Co-Teaching Strategies

    Reflection of Class Lesson The teaching methods that I used in my lesson incorporated a variety of the Universal Design for Learning Principles and co-teaching strategies, which supported all of the students in the classroom, including students with disabilities and exceptionalities. As a means for engagement, I explained in my warm-up why learning root words is important for the students’ future lives, which relates the material to real life situations that they can relate to in their own…

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  • Collaboration And Co-Teaching Strategies For English Language Learners

    My Teaching Journey As I reflect back into my early childhood, I remember migrating to the United States with my mother leaving my brothers and sisters behind. It was really tough adapting to a new environment where the climate and the language were foreign to me. The first year of primary school was one of the hardest for me. Making new friends was not an easy task, I remember while all the children played with each other during the lunch period, I sat quietly and ate my lunch. When it was…

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  • Adaptive Teaching Strategies

    I have learned and observed many adaptive instructional designs and strategies this semester as well as previous semesters. This semester I have learned a lot of different strategies because of the high number of ELL students in my class. It is important for teachers to use different strategies to accommodate different student’s needs. There are many different strategies that teachers choose to use and there are many different ways to adapt your teaching to specific learning needs; it just takes…

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  • Teaching Math Strategies

    Strategies for Teaching Mathematics Daily Data There are several strategies for teaching mathematics in the primary grades. Burton (2010) describes the strategy of a daily data activity in which the teacher uses a chart or graph to record class data. The data comes from children’s lives, for example, graphing the number of siblings of each child in the class. Daily data engages students because the data being collected is from their lives, it is authentic to the students. The process of…

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  • Team Teaching Strategies

    Hypothesis: Seventh grade science students will have higher achievement when taught using a team teaching strategy than when taught under the single-instructor strategy. Research Question: Will seventh grade science students have higher achievement when taught using a team teaching strategy? Sub questions 1. How did team teaching math and science concepts impact student test scores? 2. To what extent did team teaching math and science concepts improve daily work grades? Methodology Subjects…

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  • Teaching Meditation Strategies

    for the test, and not creating test anxiety. We all know what it is like when a teacher says,"here is the test." Your palms get sweaty, your stomach aches, and you are filled with self-doubt. To assist with the upcoming state standardized testing season, here are some simple ways to prepare your children. Prepared students are more likely to achieve what the test is designed to do, and then you can look for achievement. Strategies to Prepare Elementary School Children for Standardized…

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  • Effective Teaching Strategies

    of effective strategies in how to make subject matter comprehensible to students assess student learning, engage and support all students in learning, plan instruction and design learning experiences for all students, and create and maintain an effective environment for student learning. While the strategies that I witnessed teachers utilize might not be effective in every classroom environment, I learned about a number of strategies that will help me in my own classroom. Making subject matter…

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  • Teaching Strategy: Jigsaw Collaboration

    Teaching Strategies Catalogue “Jigsaw” Jigsaw is a teaching strategy that allows for a teacher to break up learning material, so students must reply on each other to learn the required information. For example, you present a lengthy article to your class and then put students into groups where they are assigned different sections. Once assigned their section, they are regrouped with students that share the same section. In their “like groups” they discuss and share their ideas about their…

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