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  • Chicken Run By George Orwell Character Analysis

    Chicken Run (2000) was also a reminded of never losing sight of your visions and goals. After several planned attempts of trying to escape Tweedy’s Egg Farm, Ginger the main character, is placed in solitary confinement for trying to escape her semi-organized group to freedom. Even though all the chickens want to escape, Ginger is the one most passionate about the cause. She believes there is more over the gate and has visions that every chicken deserves have the right to be free. The story has more adventure when, Ginger is back and forth the solitary, because Mr. Tweedy senses the chickens are organized and looking to escape. Therefore, he becomes distorted at times and watches them very closely. Mrs. Tweedy takes count of the chicken eggs every day. One of the enlightened days for the chickens was the day Edwina, was taken for supper because she didn’t produce enough eggs. As time passes, Ginger continues to think within her constrained visions and Mrs.…

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  • Myopic Perspective In Chuck Palahniuk's Fight Club

    The author of Fight Club, Chuck Palahniuk, once stated, “The trick to forgetting the big picture is to look at everything close up” (Chuck, n.d.). His statement highlights a condition I call a myopic perspective. Myopia, or nearsightedness, is a condition in which a person can clearly see objects close-up while objects in the distance look blurry (“Myopia,” n.d.). A myopic perspective is a similar impairment limiting people’s psychological viewpoint or internal vision versus their physical…

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  • CVI: Characteristics Of Vision In Children

    Characteristics of Vision in Children with CVI The visual system is a powerful and complex tool for understanding and perceiving the world. It has many aspects and dimensions that change throughout an individual’s lifetime. Therefore, it is unsurprising that there are many stages of vision at which perception can become impaired. Cortical (or cerebral) visual impairment (CVI) refers to any impairment or loss of vision brought about by damage to the brain or the central nervous system, rather…

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  • Dominant Eye Dominance In Basketball

    (6) You can change your dominant eye by putting a blindfold over your dominant eye and use your least dominant eye so it will strengthen. So, if you see someone wearing an eye patch there might be nothing wrong with he/she they might just be trying to change their dominant eye.(11) Crossed hand eye dominance will strengthen over time due to use.(10) If you are right eye dominant and a right handed shooter your left eye might strengthen because it will be the one looking at the rim.(10) Many…

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  • Intersectionality Reflection

    sudden epiphany I had was not only am I a woman, but how else did I and in what order did I identify myself in? Now the intersectionality is evident to me, the bits and pieces that make up who I am shape the way in how I plan to make a difference. At the last day of instruction you asked about our impression of the class and how we were going to implement what we learned in reaching our future endeavors. I said empowering, the new found knowledge is going to change how I try to not only…

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  • Susan Wolf's Theory On Meaningful Life

    Susan Wolf‘s theory on how one live their lives is one subject that will be talked about in the days to come. She explains that the meaning to finding one’s happiness is through giving back to others in need and finding your passion. Although her statements may be true, she fails to mention anything about personal satisfaction. What is it about our personal satisfaction that would help us find meaning into our lives? Can our own personal success in life be sufficient enough to live a…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Time Machine

    theory that the details we don 't know about are ones that they chose not to tell us about. Or perhaps they did tell us, in art, or books or even quotes. As a writer and a poet I know that not all quotes can be interpreted the same way. This works the same in Art. Everyone in the past had something to say and they only chose to tell us some of their life with us. We as humans tend to accuse or even judge before we know the whole story. I can not challenge nor judge the past whether it had been…

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  • Beta Leadership Camps Analysis

    was a commander in chief during the revolutionary war, who didn't just watch the battle from the sides, but actively fought for his country and respected it with the utmost intentions. Or, is it just that a leader doesn't have to be extraordinary? Maybe they could simply be average in all aspects and walks of life, but they could outshine those around them by working in their community and striving for a better tomorrow to help the generations to come after them. That is what a Beta club leader…

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  • The Tomorrow Series By John Marsden Themes

    The Tomorrow series written by John Marsden is an amazing and eye-opening series, it highlights the extreme situations of war and what it can do to an indiviual and a group of people. The Tomorrow series follows a group of teenagers, in the first book they go away for a camping trip to a place called “Hell” only to return to find their easy and normal farm lifestyle ripped apart. “We believed we were safe. That was the big fantasy.” Australia was invaded by an enemy country – over the course…

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  • Incarnations Of Burned Children And Binocular Vision

    One of the things that I enjoyed most was our readings. Incarnations of Burned Children by David Foster Wallace, Lobster Night by Russell Banks, and Binocular Vision by Edith Pearlman are three short stories that impacted me the most from these stories. From Incarnations of Burned Children and Binocular Vision I learned that a story does not have to be long at all for it to be meaningful. The use of one single event can create a lot of meaning in a story. The use of sentence length can also…

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