Essay On Diverse Teaching Strategies

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The diverse teaching strategies in the classroom are constantly changing. The teacher strategies are usually based off what the students are feeling. There are never lectures in the classroom. Each student has a teacher of his or her own to work with throughout the whole day. In my opinion, there is no teacher-directed discussion. When a teacher is working with a student, the teacher does the work with the student. The teachers in the classroom do not really ask questions unless they are do evaluations. The students in the classroom have a hard time giving the teacher feedback because most of them are nonverbal or cannot comprehend. There are many demonstrations the teachers show the studnets while working with them. Before a teacher and a student begins doing a worksheet, the teacher will demonstate what they will be doing first. Audio-visuals are common in an everyday lesson. The students have many educational games on their ipads. When a student is getting overwhelmed with working with a teacher, it is common for the teacher to let the student play an educational game on the ipad. Guided practice is different in their classroom then normal classrooms. At random times of the day, the teacher will start reviewing what …show more content…
The students do not get along and will end up physically hurting one another. I believe that the teachers are doing the right thing by keeping them separated. If the students were to be put in groups, the learning environment would be ineffective. When it comes to lesson plans, the head teacher has everything planned out before school begins for the year. Now in the classroom, each student has a different lesson plan for the day. The students work out of common core books and do hands on activities. The students go at their own pace with the teachers. It is common for the lesson plans to not be followed because the students have good days and bad

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