Essay On Second Grade Observation

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The teachers I observed at the lower grade levels of first and second grade used Core Curriculum. These teachers followed specific guidelines in their teacher’s guide books to help them schedule activities and lessons for the week. They are provided with work books and materials but get to decide on how to execute those plans. The teacher who taught the upper grade levels of high school had their whole year planned out. I observed Math and Social Science. Both had teachers who were planned out for the entire year and each day planned with new material to be covered. The teachers The teacher instructed the students on what to do with simple directions. This lead to many questions being asked after directions where explained. I was critical …show more content…
Yet, not many rewards were offered. One school offered a movie during school hours for the students who read over break to go see. I though this was a great incentive for the students to get reading during break. The high school’s rewards were overall receiving a good grade in class. The older students did not need any incentive other than to receive a high grade on the test and class grade overall. Also I did not view any difficulties within the classrooms. If this was confusion they students would ask and it would be answered. I found that as long as students behaved, the day went well and as planned and both student and teacher were content. The teachers I observed provided a welcoming, safe, and playful environment. All of the teachers except one had posters, pictures, drawings... etc. on the walls. One teacher from the high school math department had nothing on his walls. It was blank and empty and slightly depressing. Other than that all the other teachers I observed from graders preschool to high school were colorful and inviting. The students seemed to want to learn and the teacher wanted to

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