Being a Surgeon Essay

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  • Persuasive Essay On Being A Surgeon

    Kelcie Freeman Mrs. Abrams English I 15 November 2016 Being a Surgeon Have you ever been under a surgeon’s scalpel? If so, you were informed of all the risks before undergoing that surgery. Your life was in their hands and you gave them all your trust. Surgeons definitely have stressful lives and sometimes have to do their job efficiently on only 4 hours of sleep. Although it is a difficult job to have, most will say that after saving a life it’s all worth it. Today, surgeons have high income, long work days, are highly educated, and will contribute to the future of medicine. Surgery in the past was very painful and dangerous due to risk of infections. Today, none of us question these common medical procedures because we believe it…

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  • Benefits Of Orthopedic Surgery

    than 20 surgeries in a month (“Career”), which leads to the fact that orthopedic surgeons are in high demand. Orthopedic surgery looks like an interesting career, which I’d like to be in, in my future. A career in orthopedic surgery takes a lot of education and training, but has many benefits. There are many different kinds of surgeons in the United States. You have general surgeons, specialty interest surgeons, and specialists in the fields of surgery (“Sports Physicians”). Thirty-two percent…

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  • Career Research Paper On Surgeons

    What are surgeons to you? Are they just a person who decided to become educated in surgery because that’s who they are or are they like a superhero that saves the day when civilians need help? Surgeons definitely remind us that we can’t do everything for ourselves, especially when our problems are medical. Surgeons don’t just ‘get the job done’, they make sure it won’t happen a second time. That’s why I want to study surgery and become a successful surgeon. There are many responsibilities in…

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  • Seattle Grace Hospital Red Line Analysis

    is painted through hallways and doors. It represents where these elite surgeons are allowed to go, compared to the average citizen that walks in with a complaint. It separates areas where the hospital goes from being accessible to all, to only enterable by few. When one walks into a hospital there are many aspects to notice. There are families who have been waiting hours hopeful hear good news and other people who are just waiting to see what is wrong with them. However, many people fail to…

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  • Surgical Tech Research Paper

    Having any type of a career is a huge importance in life. This because not only do people need money to buy simple things like food, and clothing but it also shows responsibility. Having a career is a huge step in life, it shows they’re ready for a huge responsibility. Any job whether it be working at a gas station, restaurant, etc is still a huge responsibility. Having a job must know when to work, what time to be there, also to make sure to be on time. Today for some people being on time is a…

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  • Reflection On The Glass Castle By Jeannette Walls

    Light At the End of the Tunnel Although Jeannette Walls and I share a common thread of being hospitalized at a young age, it is my belief after reading The Glass Castle that Jeannette had it far worse than I ever did. In The Glass Castle, Jeannette shares how she spent over a month in a hospital due to burns after she tried to make herself hot dogs. The time that Jeannette spent in the hospital was like a vacation from her crazy life and parents. She relished the time in the hospital because it…

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  • Surgical Technician Essay

    Being a surgical technologist can be hard work; not only should a technician watch after all patients, but must keep a check on themselves. A technician needs to remain as stress free as possible, always making sure all body mechanics are in order. Forgetting to do this can lead to emotional stress, which has a negative effect on the body. A surgical technician not in full control of himself causes things to go wrong in the operating room. A technician must always be completely focused on the…

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  • Peter Weinstock Simulations

    safer.” He is the director of the Pediatric Simulator Program also, at the Boston Children’s Hospital. Weinstock is a well-educated being, received his PhD in molecular and cell biology from Rockefeller University and furthered his education in clinical training in plastic and general surgery at the University of Pittsburgh. As you may know, when patients of all ages are sent into the operating room there are some concerns that he or she may not make it back alive. “…we practice on the very…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Life After My Surgery

    always being in pain. Before heading into the hospital I contemplated on going in or just stop being a baby. After arguing with myself; the decision was made after I got sick in the car (thank goodness for the handy bag I had). I have never gotten sick,…

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  • Ethical And Legal Case Study Of Dr. Brown's Surgical Case

    vasectomies, hemorrhoidectomies, and lump and bump surgeries which he had been trained to do during his residency. However, the case does not say if Dr. Brown is a board certified surgeon or how long his surgical privileges last. According to the Board of Medicine regulation for Minnesota, physician assistants should practice medicine only with physician supervision (Minnesota Statutes, 2009). In Dr. Brown’s case, Dr. Brown should be considered a physician assistant because he is not a board…

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