Persuasive Essay On Being A Surgeon

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Kelcie Freeman
Mrs. Abrams
English I
15 November 2016
Being a Surgeon Have you ever been under a surgeon’s scalpel? If so, you were informed of all the risks before undergoing that surgery. Your life was in their hands and you gave them all your trust. Surgeons definitely have stressful lives and sometimes have to do their job efficiently on only 4 hours of sleep. Although it is a difficult job to have, most will say that after saving a life it’s all worth it. Today, surgeons have high income, long work days, are highly educated, and will contribute to the future of medicine. Surgery in the past was very painful and dangerous due to risk of infections. Today, none of us question these common medical procedures because we believe it
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The first thing that is required is a prerequisite college course which can take up to about four years total. Prerequisite college courses educate you in biology, chemistry, and a lot of lab work. Sometimes it is even required to take calculus in case you need to prescribe antibiotics, you will know how to calculate the correct amount. Next, you will need to attend medical school which also lasts up to four years. During just your first year of medical school you may study: biochemistry, anatomy, cell biology, embryology, human behavior, immunology, genetics, neuroscience, etc. While taking these classes, the student will be challenged by their professors and will be given a great education along with every other student. Finally, you will need to take a general surgery residency which can last up to five or more years. During your residency, you will put everything you’ve learned to the test and use it while being supervised by a senior resident or an attending to make sure if anything goes wrong, they can step in to help. Allowing the residents to do hands-on work, will help them be able to practice and learn from their mistakes. Having an attending watch them will keep patients safe in case there was a serious

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