The Consequences Of Plastic Surgery And Cosmetic Surgery

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Plastic surgery is a surgical specialty that was intended to be used for traumas and reconstruction of body defects. But, over the years, elective surgeries are becoming more popular to achieve the beauty people want. Beauty is the qualities in a person that give pleasures to the sense or the mind. In today’s society, beauty is judged harshly and is frequently talked about throughout social media. The people who are troubled about their appearances will try to cover up these insecurities with make-up, fashion, or dieting and exercising to improve their self-esteem and appearances. On the other hand, people will go to the extremity of changing their appearances permanently to lift their self-esteem with cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery alters …show more content…
According to the Boston Globe, “patients suffer from a body dysmorphic disorder, which is a psychiatric condition defined by an obsession with imagined or slight defects in appearance.” Also, according to the Boston Globe, “Plastic surgeons in the United States and elsewhere are not required by law to conduct psychological evaluations, though most commonly ask potential patients about their states of mind.” But, many surgeons believe that their patients can outsmart the questionnaire and do not think they are fit to evaluate their patient’s mental state, since they are not psychiatrists. Furthermore, cosmetic surgery rarely helps patients because few are happy with the outcome and the symptoms continue to worsen. This causes patients to become addicted to cosmetic surgery because they want to keep fixing and fixing until they look perfect, which they will never get to that state due to their mental disorder. When people consider cosmetic surgery, they are always thinking of the outcome look rather than the cost and complications that the surgery can cause. Since cosmetic surgery is extremely expensive, it is causing people to travel for a cheaper price. When they travel to other places, people do not realize they are only cheaper because the clinics and the doctors do not meet the standards of the procedures. Ideally, people do not consider the complications that could happen to them as they undergo surgery. As a result of cosmetic surgery, people have suffered from cardiac arrests, infections, flesh eating bacteria, anaphylaxis, and tuberculosis (Dunlevy). People who consider cosmetic surgery never think of the possible infections that they are putting themselves at risk for. Therefore, they rarely consider the nerve damage that could occur from cosmetic surgery. Nerve damage occurs with any incision that is made in the skin (Odunze). Odunze states that, “Nerve damage injury happens

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