Definition Essay: Defining Beauty

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Define Beautiful. To some people, the way they look on the outside determines their beauty, while to others inner beauty is what counts the most. According to Merriam Webster beauty, means being physically attractive or the qualities in a person or a thing that give pleasure to the senses or the mind. In our world today, to be beautiful you need to be at society’s standard of what is considered “beautiful.” All around, there are ads, magazines, commercials, posters, etc., on what to do to have the “perfect” body or the “best” looking face. In commercials or on a poster boards, there are models looking spectacular and they are just attributes of beauty. In reality they are human beings that have flaws but that is what makes them unique. Professional …show more content…
Doctors will make promises to turn an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. How can a damsel in distress refuse the offer to make her a Cinderella? Her “fairy surgeon” can form her into something that is breathtaking. Unlike Cinderella’s time limit on her beauty, she will have her beauty forever. With her new beauty, she can go into the world feeling like she was reborned again, but this time she was born to be the beautiful swan instead of an ugly duckling. Plastic surgery has become people 's way of escaping their own lives. According to The Babbling Book, plastic surgery has helped people become more confident and have more self-esteem. People now have the courage to hold their head high and not be so apprehensive. People rely on their outer appearance to give them a “boost of confidence” said Harvell, Shayne. Because of the boost in confidence from their appearance, they can now be able to get a job because they have their focus on their life now since they will be done mourning about their looks. People also can now focus on their profession because they do not need to worry about being the “ugly one.” Fearlessness is the key to success.

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