Persuasive Essay About Becoming A Surgeon

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While other six year old girls loved playing dress up and pretended to be princesses, I was always too busy pretending to save the lives of my imaginary patients. My family members have always told me that I stood out from the other girls from a very young age, other girls were in love with the thought of meeting prince charming one day, while I was in love with the thought of becoming an individual who will be entitled to save the lives of strangers. In this paper I will explain why I have chosen to become a surgeon, and also why I believe it is the perfect job for me.
I have finally decided on the thought of becoming a surgeon, but before I can actually make that dream a reality, I plan on majoring in Biology as an undergraduate student
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The job of a surgeon is very demanding because of how seriously surgery must be taken. Surgeons mainly work in the operating room and tend to perform back-to-back surgeries on a daily basis (What is the job description of a surgeon? 2015). Surprisingly, there are days when surgeons aren’t cutting people open or dealing with blood, those are the days when they meet with their patients in their offices to discuss the next steps of their treatment plans (What is the job description of a surgeon?,2015). Surgeons are awake before sunrise and work until after sunset, this clearly explains how hectic and busy the work life of a doctor in this position can be (Physicians or Surgeons, 2014). Somedays are much more demanding and frantic than others because, surgeons never know what to expect since emergencies can occur without any …show more content…
This short time frame of peace in the hospital finally comes to an end when a 45 year old man is rushed into the hospital with a total of 35 stab wounds. The scene I have just described may have frightened some people, but these are the types of emergencies one must be trained for in order to be called a surgeon. This is where the school work pays off; remember those chemistry tests you crammed for in Medical School? Well, this is where you’ll need them most because it’s a matter of life or death. Being in charge of restoring someone’s health back to normal isn’t an easy task, neither are the steps of becoming a surgeon. In order to become a successful doctor a lot of challenging obstacles will be thrown in your path. One will always find themselves lost in the concepts that Medical School enforces upon an individual. Surgeons are required to know every small detail about the very complex human

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