Rhetorical Analysis of Being a Cripple Essay

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  • On Being A Cripple Rhetorical Analysis

    Without actually living in another person’s life, someone cannot really tell what the other person is going through or how they are feeling, and this can occur when it comes to disabled people. In “On Being a Cripple” by Nancy Mairs and “Living Under Circe’s Spell” by Matthew Soyster, the reader is lead into the state of mind of people living with disabilities. The essay written by Mairs analyzes how being disabled does not define someone's character, and Soyster expresses the struggles of being crippled and how others view them. Both essays direct the text towards other people who are disabled, or someone who may have a negative view on disabled people. With the use of diction and other devices, Mairs tends to sound more humorous and lively,…

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