Role of Media in Democracy Essay

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  • Media Act Of 1996 Essay

    Media is subjectively one of the most powerful assets in the world today. Media platforms such as television, newspaper, radio and the Internet are all means of communication that are used in everyday life to transfer data between persons. For media to perform effectively it must be democratic and unbiased, in order to provide the consumer with accurate and accountable information. By doing so the media has fulfilled its job of protecting the interests of the public. On January 3rd, 1996 during the 104th Congress; President Bill Clinton approved the Telecommunications Act of 1996 with the primary goal of removing regulatory barriers to entry in order to open up the markets to competition. This paper will evaluate the effect that the Telecommunications Act of 1996 had on the industry as well as the advancement of media cross ownership whilst also using the insights of Jeremy Rifkin and…

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  • Comparing Chomsky And Plato's Allegory Of The Cave

    the public consciousness. They both identify specific roles in the society that are a part of this: the masses/public, the shadow-makers/media, the rulers/powerful societal interests, and the philosophers/critics. While both philosophers see the public being manipulated, they disagree on how to fix this problem and who should be in control of the government. Herman and Chomsky suggest that democracy is the best way to rule for a government. On the contrary, Plato believes that the public is the…

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  • Importance Of Public Diplomacy

    diplomacy through advocacy to accomplish their aims were democracy activists in Egypt and Tunisia. They utilized the mechanism of social media for the purpose of public diplomacy through advocacy. The democracy activists’ defined public diplomacy as an attempt to accomplish their foreign policy aim of democratization of their respective governments through engagement with foreign publics with the use of social media. The general foreign policy aim of the democracy activists in Egypt and Tunisia…

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  • Democracy Social Media Analysis

    The Role of Social Media in Enhancing Democratic Processes. There are several roles social media can play that bring positive impacts to democratic processes. First, within the context of authoritarian regime, social media benefits ‘politically marginalized groups’ (Loader & Mercea, p. 765) to enforce democratization. It is important to be noted that internet does not only serve as a ‘medium’, but also ‘space’ (Papacharissi, 2010, p. 113). When authoritarian regime does not provide space for…

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  • Loosing The News

    that have described the American media since its beginning, suffered tremendous changes with the rise of technology and contributed to a negative outcome by hurting the “essential food supply,” (p. 3) for the American democracy. The technology innovation brought with itself competition and an unending desire for more profit in the newspaper world, thus, fact-based reporting changed its role from a watchdog over government, into an amusing clown to the public. The book, “Loosing the news” by Alex…

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  • Importance Of Democracy

    for both politicians and the people is ‘democracy’. The term democracy is defined as ‘the rule of the people’ where the concept of it is to work on the people to obey the rules that have been made by the people’s determined system of making rules. In today’s world, democracy is the only legal and practical system of government that is approved by most of the people in most countries. Rather than just a single unique set of government institutions, (Schmitter & Karl, 1991) democracy rests upon a…

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  • Social Media Impact On Democracy

    Political campaigns are widely structured to evoke certain reactions among different populations and even influencing them to take specific actions regarding the message being popularized. The media has remained a key tool in the transfer of the political message from the political entities to the masses since the history of man (Bennette & Segerberg, 2016; Fiske & Hancock, 2016). The main advantage about the use of media, which in this case refers to all communication tools and platforms, is…

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  • Media And Communication Theory Analysis

    In an age where various forms of media play an undeniably crucial role in the dissemination of information to citizens, it was the philosophical prophecies of Marshall McLuhan that prove to still be pertinent in today’s use of media. The present usage of such terms as “media”, “global village” as well as “Age of Information” were all coined by Marshall McLuhan in his 1965 work Understanding Media (Lapham, x). In the information age we currently live in, McLuhan’s contributions to media and…

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  • Role Of Interest Groups In Democracy

    United States is a democracy which means, it is a system of government where members ruled directly. Democracy is important to the U.S because this form of government provides freedom to its citizens. This form of government encourages political parties and interest groups to help with the policymaking process. A political party is a group of political people who operate the government with elections and determine public policy. Public policy is unwritten principles in regards to social issues.…

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  • Eight Influences In Law Enforcement

    In recent times, the media highlights the inappropriate behavior of a few officers in America. The media coverage of the incidents impromptus certain citizens react or protest. Thus, focusing on all officer’s roles and creating role perception by the public. The law enforcement personnel tasks require maintaining peace, protecting life and property, crime and terrorist activity prevention, detecting and apprehending law violators, and law enforcement. Law enforcement officer’s role concept…

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