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  • Democracy Social Media Analysis

    Social Media in Enhancing Democratic Processes. There are several roles social media can play that bring positive impacts to democratic processes. First, within the context of authoritarian regime, social media benefits ‘politically marginalized groups’ (Loader & Mercea, p. 765) to enforce democratization. It is important to be noted that internet does not only serve as a ‘medium’, but also ‘space’ (Papacharissi, 2010, p. 113). When authoritarian regime does not provide space for its people to actively participate in politics, social media can be an alternative space where activists discuss and manage their democracy movement. The most obvious example of this might be Arab Spring event where social media played important role…

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  • Social Media Impact On Democracy

    Political campaigns are widely structured to evoke certain reactions among different populations and even influencing them to take specific actions regarding the message being popularized. The media has remained a key tool in the transfer of the political message from the political entities to the masses since the history of man (Bennette & Segerberg, 2016; Fiske & Hancock, 2016). The main advantage about the use of media, which in this case refers to all communication tools and platforms, is…

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  • Rich Media Poor Democracy Analysis

    The film Rich Media Poor Democracy asserts that journalism in the United States does not serve the interest of the public, instead they serve the interest of media corporate bosses. Moreover, the film points out the media corporate bosses are to blame for the absence of choice and diversity in the media which stems from a shortage of competition created through mergers. Rich Media Poor Democracy proposes that citizen involvement can and should rescue the media, otherwise corporate bosses will…

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  • Democracy In The 70's

    The 1970’s was a time where democracy in states increased almost exponentially. A wave of democracy was swept across countries and states, either repairing or destroying an already broken government system. “In 1974, nearly three-quarters of all countries were dictatorships; today, more than half are democracies” (Diamond). This growth in democracy is incomparable to any other time period, and is the largest humanity has ever seen. There has been much change to government systems since the 70’s.…

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  • Democracy In Somalia

    and freedom” in Somalia. Somaliland has three regions called “British Somaliland Protectorate(today’s Somaliland), Italian Somaliland(rest of Somalia), and French Somaliland(now Djibouti)” (Kaplan, 2008). Northwestern district of Somalia acquired its independence in 1991. The political development in Somali has gradually enhanced or improved towards democracy, which is evident through the article called “The Remarkable Story of Somaliland” by Seth Kaplan. Demonstrating a (great, sound or valid)…

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  • Political Propaganda And Media Analysis

    “The media plays a propaganda role, no matter what type of political regime.” Discuss. The influence of the media and propaganda is intrinsic to political communication. The method of transmitting information between the government and the public is key in both the classification of governments and our understanding of their differences. The freedom of media between authoritarian regimes and liberal democracies is markedly different, in both the control that the government exerts over what is…

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  • Herman And Chomsky Analysis

    Hoai Thuong Thi Nguyen Professor Hans Klein PHIL 3127 December 11, 2015 PAPER #2 Plato, Herman And Chomsky About Democracy Leadership is very important in a country because it has the capacity to take it to the next level of success and even lead the people during times of war into fighting successful battles that ends in victory. The philosophers like Herman and Chomsky and Plato however had different views on how the people should be governed. The different types of governments are very…

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  • Democracy In Athenian, Sparta, And The Roman Republic

    Throughout history there has been many cultures with different ideas on how to organize their people. The Athenians, Sparta, and later the Roman Republic are examples of early forms of democracy. There where many systems of government in history some being oligarchy, monarchy aristocracy, and many others with slight variations. Why and how did democracy grow to such popularity, and how has democracy changed since its creation. The exact date of when democracy was first used in society is…

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  • Module 11: Media Regulation

    I agree with this argument because the social and political structures in society limits the use of free speech and media content though the use of censorship and the public sphere. Free speech and media content is important because it allows for the circulation of ideas and diversity and also helps democracy to function correctly. Regulations are defined as “formal and compulsory instructions about the structure, conduct or content of the media” ("Module 2: Unit 11: Media Regulation." 2.4 On…

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  • Purpose Of Government

    This essay addresses what I believe the purpose of the government and which institution is best for a functioning democracy. I believe the basic and fundamental purpose of government in a society is to protect individual’s natural rights. Natural rights are also known as the fundamental rights. John Locke states these rights as right to life, liberty and property. I strongly believe that the main purpose of the government is to make sure that there is equality and protection for the individuals.…

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