Sound And Music In Medicine

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The Role of Sound and Music in Medicine

Touch, sight, taste, smell, and sound; these are the means in which we interact with the world. I ask the question; which one is more important? We have all been asked this before, but has it been given enough thought? Enough research and time? Obviously this is a loaded question, filled with more subjective thoughts and personal preferences than researchable facts. In any case; all the senses are instrumental in our perception of the world. The sense of focus though, is that of sound. Physically, sound is simple. By now in our college careers, anyone can tell you that sound is just a pressure wave moving though air. The amazing thing is, something as primary as sound can be vitally influential
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(Novotney, 2013) Given this information, music and sound in medicine will be discussed first as a physical sound wave, and then as its form as music. Also, a “proto science” called Bio-Acoustics, which utilizes frequencies in the human voice to monitor health will be briefly …show more content…
Sound is just a pressure wave moving through a medium, a vibration. The first use of sound waves in medicine started with the SONAR technology that was utilized in the second world war to monitors surrounding sea of threats such as enemy submarines. This technology gave us eyes into places that we normally couldn’t see. In the medical field, this includes the very relevant ultrasound, using ultrasonic sound waves to create a digital image of the inside of the human body. This is the safest way to image the inside of the human body; however, its applications and resolution limit its uses. The soundwave has new potential in curing cancer, healing wounds, and even levitation as well. All of which has huge potential for the future of medicine. The use of soundwaves in medicine is important, but music especially has also been a large aspect of health, especially mental health. The studies presented here show that music definitely has an effect of reducing stress and even pain. How it does this can simply be described as “distracting your brain” from pain and stress signals. The last topic discussed was the work of Sharry Edwards. She claims that the key to curing and identifying all diseases and/or ailments is the sound of an individual’s voice. Specifically, someone’s voice “profile” could help diagnose certain diseases, and help lead to alternate

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