Personality Reflection Essay

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  • Self Reflection On Personality Assessments

    patients. These include clinical interviews, assessments, and even neurological tests. These tests may give us sufficient information about a patient as long as it has reliability, and validity. The personality assessments vary in different fields from introvert vs. extrovert to rough vs. mindfulness. The first test assessed whether I was an introvert or extrovert. The second test was a self-reflection test. The personality tests used a sequence from most like me to less like me when choosing my answers. The question were based on how I would most likely feel during or handle a situation. Some of the questions were set up with two words to choose form e.g. Patient or impatient. I think these tests can accurately identify behaviors and feelings using the…

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  • Myers Learners Personality Reflection

    Myers-Briggs Type Reflection Essay People often wonder what makes up their personality. An individual can ponder upon why they feel a particular way, why they make certain decisions, or why they do not like or like specific things. The Myers-Briggs Type indicator assessment allows for people to understand their preferences and personality in depth. Katharine Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers created the assessment based on Carl Jung’s studies. Jung was a psychologist that studied people’s behavior…

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  • Reflection On Personality Assessment Scores

    This paper will disclose my personality assessment scores define by Pearson Education, as well as insights gained from our textbook, Type Talk at Work and The Gospel and Personal Reflections. With the results from the assessment test I will relate the different personality categories to how I operate in the organization, how I relate to others in the organization and life in the organization. Each of these categories will reveal scores that will signify high or low ability, consequently…

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  • Personal Reflection On A Personality Inventory

    test I took happened to be a personality inventory. Instead of being presented with an image and told to describe what i saw like a projective test, I was asked to rate myself on a scale one to five about how I function and my behavior. It is often called a objective personality test because its results come from comparing an individuals answers to the standardized norms collected from groups of people. I agree with the results from the personality test I took. I received close to the highest…

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  • Personality Type Indicator Reflection

    My plot appears to lean more to the left side of the spectrum. The plot presents a valuable visible aid in discerning which characteristics one is more prone to and which areas one is lacking in. Additionally, it lends great insight into putting one’s strengths and weaknesses into perspective. I believe that my plot leans in the way that is does as a result of elements simply related to my personality. The Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI) is a tool that is purposed to assess and…

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  • Reflection On Personality Inventory Assessment

    People differ from person to person depending on their upbringing, culture or values and this helps them develop into the person they become in the work place. These differences become apparent as groups and teams are formed in order to complete tasks. It is the team leader’s responsibility to take each of these differences and form a coercive group, while it is everyone’s job to highlight their strengths and weaknesses and grow from them. By taking tests such as the Personality Inventory…

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  • Reflection On Personality Type Test

    In taking the personality type test my results indicated that I’m a reliable realist, who is strongly introverted and judging. The test also connoted that I’m slightly more sensing and thinking rather than intuitive and feeling. As a reliable realist I’m denoted as having a serious and quiet demeanor, as well as having the traits of being thorough, responsible, well organized, dependable, hardworking, and having the ability to accomplish most goals that I set my mind to achieve. The test also…

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  • Reflection On Meyers-Briggs Personality

    1-Meyers-Briggs Personality ENTJ Extraversion From the results of the Meyers-Briggs Personality test it stated that I was “moderately more preferable to being an extrovert than being an introvert by a margin of 33%” (Jung Typology Test;, 1998). The people who demonstrate personalities of being an extravert are more inclined to be dealing with the world on the outside of their persona than dealing with the world inside their being, or an…

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  • Reflection Of Individual Personality Types In The Workplace

    Individual personality types lead to a wide variety in leadership styles and can affect the motivation and productivity of employees. Learning about my personality type and how to interact with various other personality types in the workplace will hopefully enhance communication and synergy throughout the workplace. The 50 question personality test (“Personality test based on C. Jung and I. Briggs Myers type theory,” n.d.) assigned me the Extraverted iNtuitive Feeling Perceiving (ENFP)…

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  • Myers-Briggs Personality Reflection Paper

    The Myers-Briggs Personality Test is an assessment tool used to offer insight into how individuals think, function, and thrive (Myers & Briggs Foundation, 2016). The results of my Myers-Briggs Test revealed that my personality was ENFJ, extraverted, intuitive, feeling, judging (Humanmetrics, Inc. , 2016); my temperament was NF, or idealist (BSM Consulting, Inc., 2015). A Worldview is an intellectual, emotional, and spiritual framework by which you view reality, make sense of life and apply…

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