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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Dengue Fever

    target upper-class individuals on a community level. Because dengue fever is stigmatized as a virus prevalent in the poor, this group has a low perceived susceptibility of dengue, a lack of engagement in community preventative efforts, and fewer interventions that target their cohort. Based on these, the higher income level has a higher risk of dengue compared to low-and-middle-income levels. How. Education. Since this targeted group has been subject to the societal idea that dengue fever largely affects the poor, they do not believe they have a high susceptibility for dengue virus. Furthermore, many interventions are designed for lower income groups, and these interventions are not…

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  • My Dengue

    my mom; she has the answers to everything, like where to find my brand new pair of puma shoes, the TV remote, or even how to cure my hiccups, etc.. When I was young, I was stubborn and a sly kid. I would execute my mom’s requests under her presence, but I 'd rather find a way to get away with it when she was not there. After my severe dengue, I began to obey my mother more. I got dengue because of my stubborn and disobey to my mother. Dengue fever broke out in Vietnam during 2007.…

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  • Dengue Fever Essay

    Dengue Fever: a mosquito borne disease resulting in the symptoms of sudden high fever, severe headaches, pain behind the eyes, severe joint and muscle pain, nausea, vomiting, and skin rash which appear three to four days after the onset of fever, mild bleeding (such a nose bleeding, bleeding gums, or easy bruising). The tissue invaded are the heart and skeletal muscles. According to, the following experiment was enacted: “A prospective pediatric clinical cohort of 102 dengue…

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  • Dengue Virus In The Philippines

    specific virus that is endemic to countries near the equator is the dengue virus. DENV or dengue virus, is prevalent in the Philippines and causes outbreaks throughout the country. The dengue virus, is a mosquito-borne single strand RNA virus that comes from the genus Flavivirus (Back & Lundkvist). The purpose of this paper is to identify the causes of the endemic…

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  • Dengue Fever: Cause, And Emerging Infectious Diseases

    Dengue Fever Dengue (pronounced as DENGgey) is a virus whose name “is derived from the Swahili ki denga pepo, which means ‘seizure caused by an evil spirit,’” according to Lisa A. Beltz, an assistant professor in the Department of Biology at Kent State University and author of Emerging Infectious Diseases. It typically occurs in tropical and subtropical environments. The warm, moist air is ideal for the mosquitos that carry the virus. According to, a government website for Centers for…

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  • Bubonic Plague And Dengue Fever Essay

    million people between 1347 and 1351. That amounted to 30% to 50% of the population on the continent killed in a period of just five years.” In modern times the Ebola Virus and Dengue Fever have cause scare and panic in 1st world countries and killed thousands in many 3rd world countries. The Bubonic Plague and viruses and other diseases nowadays have many similarities and many differences. The Bubonic Plague and Dengue Fever similarly ravage and cause many deaths within the areas of contact.…

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  • Case Study On Dengue Fever

    virus that caused dengue fever, the disease her husband and Kemar read about in the newspaper. Part ll 1. An increase in pollution worldwide may be an attributing factor to the rise…

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  • Laboratory Diagnosis Essay

    diameter may be drawn and the number of petechiae in it is counted. More than five petechiae indicates positive test. • Complete Blood Cell Count Blood tests present with lowered total white blood cell, platelet and neutrophil counts and a 20% or more increase in haematocrit values suggests haemoconcentration. Thus, monitoring should be done every 3-4 hours in cases of severe dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) or dengue shock syndrome (DSS). Thrombocytopenia is observed with platelet count of lesser…

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  • Zika Virus Change

    The Zika virus can cause birth defects if the mother contracts the virus while she is pregnant there are two main ways that the virus is contracted. It’s sexually transmitted and vector transmitted (Mosquitos). Because the symptoms are so similar to Dengue fever it is common for it to be misdiagnosed as Dengue fever, in addition, the Zika Virus causes birth defects for those who are infected during while they are pregnant. It causes microcephaly which is a birth defect that causes an abnormally…

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  • Analysis Of The Zika Virus

    the virus may have been transferred or not. The areas we should be avoiding to travel or move to are in the Latin America, Caribbean, Brazil, Africa, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, and as well as the Pacific Islands. Everyone comes in contact with a person that is infected with the virus may also come to risk of getting the virus. When the virus is found in the blood and the individual till remains with the virus and gets bitten by another mosquito the virus is also now passes to the mosquito…

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