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  • Love Of Local Food In George Bernard Shaw's 'Kaleel'

    Katakat In case you are unfamiliar with the term, Katakat is a meat dish is made specifically with kidneys, brain, liver and heart of the animals; cooked in butter and spiced with sizzling masala, whole tomatoes, green chilies and sliced garlic. This appetizing dish is usually made on a huge flat pans and is literally chopped 100 times on the pan with two hand spatulas that makes the actual ‘’kat-a-kat’’ sound, hence the name. The dish may sound repulsive but it’s the best thing to taste and take whiff of in Karachi! Biryani If you don’t love Biryani; you are not a true Pakistani. Biryani is the first love of every Pakistani! Be it our weddings, parties or family dinners; this spicy rice dish is a national favorite and every occasion is simply incomplete without it. Let’s just get one thing straight first. For Karachiites a perfect Biryani is one that has an aloo. Having Biryani on Fridays gradually became a common practice in Karachi and no foodie can ever say no to Biryani even if you serve it to them 24/7 365 days. Barbeque --- Kebabs/ Tikka No one can ever challenge Karachi’s barbeque game- it has literally been on the roll! No matter how much you empathize; but Karachi has the MOST authentic flavors of BBQs that can take you to a one way trip to the flavor town! Next time you visit Karachi, don’t forget to plan a barbeque party with your friends and let that smoke mesmerize your food dreams! Paani-puri/ Chana Chaat Ever heard the song ‘gol gappay wala aya’? It’s the…

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  • Beachwood Swot Analysis

    potatoes and green peas, a pair), Shrimp Tikka (Marinated in a tomato - yogurt sauce with a kick of spice), Vegetable Pakoda (Fried fritters of spinach and onion), Assorted Platter (Papadum, samosa, vegetable pakodas, seekh kabob and rashmi kabob). Tandoor Temptations: All of these dishes are cooked in our traditional tandoor oven and are served on a sizzling bed of onions with saffron rice and vegetable curry (Tandoor Chicken Full or Half Order, Chicken Tikka, Lamb Chops, Maharaja Mixed Grill,…

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  • Jimmy Boy Case Study

    for a proper meal. Home delivery is done anytime between 11 A.M to 10 P.M. It is an typical south Indian restaurant, but vegetarian food is as good and tasty as non-vegetarian food. Food is available at a very reasonable price, in an area like fort. Lalit Refreshment ( Taste of Kerala ) – Cuisines available Kerala, Chinese, North Indian, and Sea food. Opening hours 9:30 am to 12:30 am . Famous for its kerela varieties it has got , and the delicious food it offers. Chicken malabari , chicken…

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  • My Personal Collage: The Rise Of The Tyrannosaurs

    My personal collage is an embodiment of who I am and what I believe in. It acts as a small account of my identity and, in a way, immortalizes what makes me “me.” Each object that I placed in my collage and the way I placed it means and stands for something that contributes to who I am as a person. The collage acts as an insight to my unique experiences and outlooks. In this project I show the teams who I support , a deep connection due to past personal experiences. The “Rise of the…

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  • Personal Essay About My American Culture

    Today, do I eat a hamburger with french fries,or biryani with goat kabobs? Not the typical decision for the average American teenager! However, my life has been confronted with lifestyle choices ever since I was born. In 1999, a married Pakistani couple consisting of a lady doctor and an engineer emigrated to America , carrying a six-month-old baby girl… me. Fifteen months later, my younger sister joined her two older sisters “arm and arm” to experience a duel Pakistani/American upbringing.…

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  • Research Paper On Nonmaterial Culture

    as Hindu (Zimmerman). Hinduism is viewed as more of a way to life in India as opposed to a religion. Karma is an essential characteristic of their way of life, meaning that the actions an individual takes throughout the course of his/her life will have an effect on them at some point in their lifetime. Reincarnation is another belief that is strongly engraved in their culture. Hindus see all life as being sacred, so many of the people in India are vegetarian. The further southeast you go in…

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  • Stereotypes Of Indian Culture

    "Why don't you learn how to cook biryani? What will your husband do?", said my mom in the kitchen. I never found the time to learn how to make dosas or chutney and I sure wasn't going to learn to please someone else! My aunts and uncles wondered why I would spend so much time stressing school and then go into a field that didn't lie underneath the STEM field. Growing up surrounded by Indian culture, I would see my 22-year-old cousins having arranged marriages with successful men they've never…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Personal Identity

    truly come to fruition, being a true part of the Bengali-community is simply a task that I don't think I can ever accomplish. That can be attributed to the "American" part of my Bangladeshi-american heritage. My "Bengali" side also is a part of how I see my identity as an American. Although I feel very comfortable at "American" events and places (barbeques and school for example), I can't help but get occasional pangs of being inapposite. My childhood was not similar to that of most of my peers.…

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  • The Importance Of Vacation In India

    When planning a vacation, we look for experiences .Experiences and stories that we will never get tired of narrating over and over again. In the words of the French scholar, Romaine Rolland,”If there is one place on the face of earth where all the dreams of living men have found a home from the very earliest days when man began the dream of existence, it is INDIA. “ A country where you will be welcomed by “Namaste” (Folding hands in humility because we believe that God resides in the soul of…

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  • Importance Of Pakistan Day Essay

    Eat The South Asian blend of Pakistani cuisine is worth tasting. Pakistani cuisine is admired for their particular richness of taste, aromatic condiments, spicy flavors, tangy touch and full oily dishes. The Pakistani taste very much resembles with the Indian cuisine and other Asian countries too. Some distinctive and tasty delights of Pakistani cuisine are: • Roasted Chicken • Biryani • Haleem • Nihari Major attractions: 1. World Heritage Sites According to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites,…

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