Beachwood Swot Analysis

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3. Food truck. It would be a good idea to have an Indian food truck around the city. Sell food in gas stations, shopping centers, and keep driving until all the food is sold out. It will create an idea of how much customers are in need of Indian food in different locations. External Threats:
1. Competing restaurants represent a big threat for us, also many new openings
Around Beachwood is many new openings of restaurants, and competitors who could be a serious threats for our business. We cannot control that, we just need to improve every day to satisfy customers.
2. Potential ricing prices of certain foods
Products are shipped from India, and the price for shipment is increasing every month. Products we get from local stores are increasing
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Implementation & Control Evaluation
Saffron patch is a business where we get things done. And every day is a new way to make it happen. The restaurant side is way different from the catering service & events. It takes two different mindset to get things done in every situation.
Implementation; The implementation phase of the marketing plan makes sure the marketing activities happen in the correct time and sequence for success. Saffron patch is divided in two sections. Restaurant, and Catering. Both of the sides are required to be able to get things done, provide the best service, and make sure food is ready in time.
Restaurant – We are divided by categories, and each of the employees has a role in the restaurant. Servers, Hostess, Food Runners, Bussers. All of us work together, but everyone has a different role. The lead server is the one in charge.
Catering – To cater for Saffron Patch you need to be quick, strong to carry items, create ideas, and follow what the person in charge has to say. Also be able to communicate at the location where the event is going to happen. We implement ideas, we follow the guidelines, we deliver, and we cater, we get things done, everyone knows what they have to do, and we make it

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