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  • The Importance Of Dress Codes In School

    What bad or good can dress codes in schools really be? I’m sure most people agree that schools is one of the most important things in life. What happens when schools want to put their rules a little over the board? For twelve years all I knew about schools was about dress code and uniforms and I always asked myself if dress codes can really change a student. Public schools should not have a dress code because it does not decrease attendance, affect academic results, or cause a major distraction. I’m sure most people agree that students need a good attendance in order to do good in school. The question is how can dress code change that attitude of a student towards going to class or not? If a student is going to miss school they will their…

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  • Strict Dress Codes In Schools

    Retail customers need to close up their wallets before going school clothes shopping this summer because they or their children could be wearing a school uniform surprisingly soon. According to a survey by Land’s End and the National Association of Elementary School Principals about school uniforms in 2013, half of the public schools in the United States, 49 percent to be exact, enforce or plan to enforce a school uniform policy. With so many schools on board for strict dress code policy, one…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Dress Codes In School

    CHANGES TO THE SCHOOL In any school there are many problems that the students see and believe need to be fixed. One of those major problems that every school deals with is dress code. What should be allowed? What should be banned? It’s really quite complicated when you think about it. There are several possible ways to solve this problem, but three main ideas that were considered in my group were as follows: Freedom Friday, Full Uniforms, and Multiple Uniforms. Each option was equally alluring…

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  • Dress Code In Schools

    Over the past few years, have implemented a dress code in many schools across the country (Kizis, 2000). Today 's schools are facing great problems, such as diminishing test marks, drugs and law-breaking (Anonymous, 1998). Advocates say the increase in training and improving the academic success of students. However, Challengers, the students violated “the legitimate right of self-expression and schools doing isn’t solving.” The students need to wear a uniform in the public school with various…

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  • Dress Codes In Schools

    Ever since we started school we’ve had to deal with dress code. However, schools have different rules such as whether you have to wear uniforms or how short your skirts can be. My elementary school required us to wear uniforms and as the years went on the dress code got progressively stricter. When I moved on to high school it wasn’t much better. They would constantly send people to the office to get a change of clothes, but by doing this they also removed students from their classes, making…

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  • The Importance Of Dress Code In Schools

    Many school in the United States have adopted a dress code for their students. states that as of 2008, 22 states in the U.S. had authorized school districts to institute dress codes and or uniform policies. gives a number of reasons why schools should not have a dress code, but there is always those against not having a dress code. Certain schools do have standards of what the students may wear. There is numerous parents and staff members against having a dress code.…

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  • Dress Codes In High Schools

    Throughout my educational career I have been to three high schools including this one. Two out of the three were in New York, one was a fashion high school in Manhattan and the other was my zoned school in Queens. Although their education techniques were slightly different, their dress code rules were exactly the same, there wasn't one. Then when I transferred to the amazing town of Flower Mound Texas, I found out that the dress code here is actually enforced and very strict. Whenever I hear…

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  • Mandatory Dress Codes In Schools

    Many schools in the United States of America enforce dress codes. The schools include preschools, elementary schools, intermediate schools, junior high schools and high schools. Some of these schools are very strict on their dress codes and others have a specific school uniform that students are required to wear. A number of schools execute punishments to students who break the dress code. These punishments include in school suspension (ISS), out of school suspension, expulsion, and even wearing…

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  • School Dress Codes Essay

    School Dress Codes Should Be More Lenient Why do schools implement policies that hurt the ones it affects? School dress codes have been under fire in recent history for good reasons. Female students being “judged” for wearing leggings under their dresses, no matter how cold it is outside. Young boys being framed for the dress codes being as strict as they are. Many parents and students have taken action against these policies by creating petitions that stand up for the rights of students. Some…

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  • Dress Code Violation In Schools

    How would you feel if your student were sent home due to a dress code violation? On an outfit that you thought was acceptable? Would you complain to the school board, or tell your child that they cannot wear that anymore? Many parents have controversial feelings towards dress codes and when their child becomes victim to violating it they are often not pleased. Multiple students cannot drive; so when they disregard the school 's dress code, their parents have to pause whatever they are doing to…

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