Why Zoo Animals Should not be Banned Essay

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  • Why Should Zoos Be Banned?

    the sweet and loving animals in the zoo. Zoos can be helpful by seeing animals that you know you would never have seen in your lifetime. In addition, they can provide information on such animals that educate people. On the other hand, zoos trap cute animals and make them feel like they are trapped in jail. Some animals want to let go and just have fun in the wild where they belong. To begin a tragic event, the animals can’t survive because they are stuck in the zoo. Most of the animals just die, which is heartbreaking. That shouldn’t be happening, because in some places storms and crime are always happening. At least if they were in the wild they would at least stand…

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  • What Are The Importance Of Animals In Zoos

    opportunity to talk to you about “Animals in entertainment”. My talk is divided into 3 parts. I'll begin by giving you an overview of the use of animals for human entertainment. Then I will talk about the life of animals in zoos and circuses. And finally, I'll propose some solution for the problem. I will be glad to answer any questions that you may have at the end. Now, let’s start with a fact that animal have been used for entertainment purposes in both the past and present. Circuses, zoos,…

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  • How Should Zoos Be Banned

    because they are animals and they do not have the voice to speak their mind, people have the power to stand for them. The lives of these beautiful wonders are no less than the value of human lives. Zoo’s first got their appearance in London at the London Zoo in 1828. At first the zoo was opened for the conducting of research on these fascinating animals, however in 1847 they became open to the public and from there on out zoo’s became a display for nature and the beauty…

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  • The Importance Of Animal Rights For Apes

    used to protect these primates from experimentation, torture, and medical testing. Sadly one of the countries that does not have rights for apes is America. Even though America does not have rights for apes, there are many people who believe that apes should have rights because they too can express emotion, have families, and have the ability to understand language. Jane Goodall was one of the most important people to advocate for the rights of gorillas. Due to her book, The Great Ape…

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  • After Seaworld A Blackfish Analysis

    The Circuses and Zoos?, was written about how Seaworld is going to stop housing Killer Whales. In the introductory paragraph(s) Senior Vice President of PETA Lisa Lange spoke about how SeaWorld is deciding to stop housing Orca whales. Lange mentioned this change was due inpart to the incident in 2010, when trainer Dawn Brancheau was pulled under by an Orca. Lange went on to talk about the cruel treatment of animals in other countries. She pointed to the map and showed how the different countries…

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  • Importance Of Animals In The Zoo

    Zoos have been enjoyed by more than fifty millions of people per year. After thinking about it, all visitors should have self- reflect to answer that is it really fun to watch sad animals behinds bars? For decade, It is an important debate whether animals should be kept in the zoos or not. Some people say that it is necessary to capture animals in the zoo due to preservation of endangered species. Furthermore, the zoos serve as laboratories for research and great education tools for children.…

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  • Exotic Animals Should Be Banned Essay

    deaths caused by exotic animals and not many injuries caused either? According to National Geographic, there have been around 540 or more total human injuries caused by exotic animals and around 75 total human deaths caused by exotic animals from 1990 to 2012. Many were caused by stupidity and at times it was due to the person teasing the animal, but some were due to the instinct of the animal and that is something they simply can't stop. Even though there is a risk, people should be able to own…

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  • Argumentative Essay: The Rights Of Animals

    discussion range from gun rights, the rights of people, abortion, the list is never ending. An example of a controversial topic that is has started to receive more attention is the rights of animals. Although certain individuals believe that animals are solely forms of entertainment and pleasure, others believe that these animals should be treated with respect and left alone. With that being said, mammals, such as dolphins, are being taken from all over and put into captivity for the…

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  • Analysis Of After Seaworld, A Blackfish Effect On Circuses And Zoos

    The article “After SeaWorld, a ‘Blackfish effect’ on circuses and zoos?” by Kelly Wallace has gotten a lot of people feeling mixed emotions. In this article it says, “the public has completely changed its opinion on exploiting and killing animals for entertainment.” In SeaWorld animals are being killed and parents are not ok with this. This is no longer fun and educational for their kids. SeaWorld has banned the use of the bullhook which is a tool that helps handle and train the elephants. This…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Exotic Animals

    different animals, all coming together in their perfect ecosystem. These animals know every aspect of the place they call home: the time of sunrise and sunset, what’s safe to eat, when to protect themselves and their family, etc. Now of course we see these animals in zoos all across the US but those environments are adjusted to suit the needs of the specific species living there. An apartment or house is not the best place for an exotic animal and it should be illegal to have one. Exotic…

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