How Should Zoos Be Banned

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Paul Farmer once proclaimed, “The idea that some lives matter less is the root of all that is wrong with the world.” This quote is deeper than what is observed on the surface. This quote means that no matter race, gender, and yes species, that everyone is created equal. Just because they are animals and they do not have the voice to speak their mind, people have the power to stand for them. The lives of these beautiful wonders are no less than the value of human lives. Zoo’s first got their appearance in London at the London Zoo in 1828. At first the zoo was opened for the conducting of research on these fascinating animals, however in 1847 they became open to the public and from there on out zoo’s became a display for nature and the beauty …show more content…
Through behavior patterns it can be inferred that these animals are genuinely unhappy and many studies go to prove it. Born Free has done studies and has determined that, “abnormal behaviour can include stereotypic behaviours - repetitive behaviours which appear to have no obvious goal or function - such as repetitive pacing, swaying, head-bobbing or circling and bar-biting ‘demonstrably caused by the frustration of natural behaviour patterns, impaired brain function, or repeated attempts to deal with some problem”(Keep Wildlife). These behaviors could raise serious concern for the animals that are in captivity. If the captive environment does not cater for the species-specific needs of the animals, there can be a deterioration in both physical and mental health of the animals in captivity such as the abnormal behavior, disease, and even early mortality of the animals. According to Born Free many other behaviors can also be witnessed in animals that are in captivity such as, “ apathy, where an animal is abnormally passive and does not react to stimuli. Occurs particularly when social animals are separated from companions; Abnormal mother-infant relationship, where mothers attack, abandon or kill their offspring, or where mothers wean offspring too soon or too late” (Keep Wildlife). With all the unwanted and unpleasant behaviors that can be acted upon for these animals is more than enough to make many animal

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