Are Animals Treated In Factory Farming Essay

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Currently, there is a debate happening about, how animals are treated in factory farming.In “Omnivore’s Dilemma” it discusses what the animals go through, how they are raised, and what they eat. Animals shouldn’t be treated the way they are.I know that are just animals and we eat them but take the pets you got at home would you miss treat them. Would you just treat them any kind of way because they are just animals? Well I say that Animal cruelty is a serious problem and it needs to come to a stop.This topic is important because I think that treated any animal any kind of way is not right and it needs to stop today.

One reason is chickens/hens suffer in a lot of pain. Chickens shouldn’t suffer at all. For example,“chickens are stuck in cages
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For example, “ Hens will be “force-molted” starved of food, water,and light for several days in order to stimulate a final spurt of egg laying before their life’s work is done.” This is just miss up how the hens how to starved and stuff just so they can lay some egg before their life’s work is done.In addition, “ When hogs bite each’s tails because of stress, the industry cuts off their tails but not the whole tail. They leave a stub so the bite is more painful. That “teaches” the pigs to avoid being bitten.”Moreover, “If chickens are pecking at each other in cages, the industry doesn’t let them out of their cages.Instead factory farms clip the beaks off their laying hens.” This is so sad how they treat these animals. They should be ashamed of how they treat these poor animals. This should not be allowed at all this make me feel sad for those animals how they are treated.Thus, it can be seen that Animals don’t matter because they are just animals we eat but that don’t mean that they have to get treated like that.They have lives just like us and their life matter too just like our life …show more content…
Animals shouldn’t be suffering in pain,starving to death,get something cut off that put them in pain, and eating each other.Saying that animal cruelty isn’t a serious problem and it don’t matter is like saying you don’t care if your pets suffer in pain,starving, getting a body part cut off, and eating another pet. It’s like you wouldn’t care what would happen to your pets because they are just animals that are eaten or I just can buy another one it's not that big of a deal. Well that is wrong because Animals shouldn’t be treating like that they got lives just like we do.Would you treat a child like this? If no then why are you treating these poor animals like this.They deserve better than this.Without a doubt, I can say that animal cruelty is important issue at the moment and it needs to be put to a

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