Why Should Zoos Be Banned?

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The past year there was a tragic flood in Georgia; which killed all the sweet and loving animals in the zoo. Zoos can be helpful by seeing animals that you know you would never have seen in your lifetime. In addition, they can provide information on such animals that educate people. On the other hand, zoos trap cute animals and make them feel like they are trapped in jail. Some animals want to let go and just have fun in the wild where they belong. To begin a tragic event, the animals can’t survive because they are stuck in the zoo. Most of the animals just die, which is heartbreaking. That shouldn’t be happening, because in some places storms and crime are always happening. At least if they were in the wild they would at least stand …show more content…
To support that in a scary situation like a life and death moment the animals have no place to escape. They could only hide in their small dirty unsanitary shelter. Another reason is that animals should have freedom like humans to be about and exploring wildlife. Unfortunately, the animals can’t because they are fenced with a lot of different tourists keeping an eye on them. The people abuse the animals in the zoo. The animals have the right to be in their wildlife habitat and not zoos. To conclude, zoos should be banned and let animals experience wildlife and where they truly …show more content…
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