Keeping Animals In Zoos

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Animal captivity is a cruel, miserable, and an unhappy thing for animals in zoos. Zookeepers are not feeding animals enough food or giving animals enough space to play in the cages at zoos and aquariums, too. Animals all over the world need more care, more safety and more room to play with their type of species. Animals keep dying because zoo keepers and owners can not take good enough care of the animals, or have the time to feed the animals, or take the time to take good care of the animals.
Animals in zoos are trapped in cages, all day every day. Animals want to at least be able to play with each other. But they can’t. Animals do not have any space to do anything but sit there. In fact, when polar bears get moved from their habitat to the
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People noticed that animals are sad, and people feel bad for the animals because of the abuse and the looks on the animals faces in general. If you think zookeepers would care more about the animals,and make sure the animals are safe, well you are wrong. Zookeepers can be abusive to animals, also at aquariums, and circuses. Zookeepers and other people that are in charge of animals don’t care about the animals at all. Zookeepers don’t even feed animals enough food in zoos, or take good enough care of the animals, this is how the population goes down. Because zookeepers or people that are in charge of the animals do not take good enough care of the animals and then abuse them. Nobody wants to go to zoos, aquariums or circuses if animals are being abused. The only people that actually care about animals are the people that go to these …show more content…
People hit animals all the time when they are being abusive. Animals that go into the circus are being abused more than any of the animals from any of the places that they come from. In the circus, elephants get chained up to 18 hours a day and cannot move anywhere. Lions that are in the circus, that jump through rings of fire, are truly afraid of it. Lions are afraid of fire but are forced to jump through ring of fire anyway. People abuse animals just for entertainment. A lot of people say that people should stop abusing animals for entertainment in the circus. In fact, this situation got onto the news, about people complaining that they felt bad about animals in the circus being abused, because at the time there was a new circus group forming and abusing animals. Now it is a law that people cannot open up their own circus and abuse animals. This shows how much people care about people abusing animals and how it is not right.
Once a year USDA goes out to inspect zoos for abusiveness. Including aquariums, and sometimes circuses. USDA is a spy inspection business that checks zoos and aquariums for abuse. USDA also check how well the zookeepers are feeding the animals a good amount of food so the animals don’t starve to death. USDA is a good business to have to make sure that animals are not being abused and to make sure that the animals are healthy and strong. Although USDA cannot do anything about the

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