Should Exotic Animals Be Banned?

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Did you know that there have been very few deaths caused by exotic animals and not many injuries caused either? According to National Geographic, there have been around 540 or more total human injuries caused by exotic animals and around 75 total human deaths caused by exotic animals from 1990 to 2012. Many were caused by stupidity and at times it was due to the person teasing the animal, but some were due to the instinct of the animal and that is something they simply can't stop. Even though there is a risk, people should be able to own exotics. For example, people should be able to own exotic animals if animal welfare is taken care if and if people use them for commercial purposes such as keeping the animals in facilities and trading them to make sure that they don’t go extinct. Also, the dangers are low and it wouldn’t be fair to ban exotics over something that they just can’t help or because of a person being idiotic.
People should be
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The dangers are low, people could use them for commercial purposes, they could be owned if animal welfare is taken care of, and they should be banned because of a few idiotic people. If exotic animals are banned, then humans and children should be banned as would be the only way to absolutely stop murder and many other incidents. This is very idiotic for humans to be banned due to a few incidents and murder, but it also very foolish for people to be banned from owning exotic animals due to incidents and deaths. So why do people find it ok that exotics should be banned? Although the price could be a bit pricey or high in worth, depending on who you are, it is your choice on whether or not you waste the money and you should obviously do a background check or research to see if it would be the smartest thing or not. Some people like to live life to the fullest and do risky things that can result in injuries and we as people shouldn’t ruin their

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