Argumentative Essay: The Rights Of Animals

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The United States is a nation where controversy is constantly present. There are numerous examples of different topics that divide the citizens of the country. These different topics of discussion range from gun rights, the rights of people, abortion, the list is never ending. An example of a controversial topic that is has started to receive more attention is the rights of animals. Although certain individuals believe that animals are solely forms of entertainment and pleasure, others believe that these animals should be treated with respect and left alone. With that being said, mammals, such as dolphins, are being taken from all over and put into captivity for the entertainment of people. However, for animal activist, this situation is something …show more content…
However, it can be assumed that these viewers do not understand how these animals get to these parks. Dolphins are captured from their natural habitats and forced to live in these conditions. In addition to using these creatures only or profit and entertainment, the actual form of capturing is harmful to the mammal as well. “The capture of wild dolphins and whales is violent, cruel and disruptive to entire communities of cetaceans and ecosystems in which they live,” (Habitat and Humanity). Forcing dolphins to suffer in these parks for the enjoyment of others is morally wrong because of the suffering it causes. Tom Regan, a well-known philosopher, wrote an article called, “The Case for Animal Rights”. In this he explains that animals are an experiencing subject of life and thus have inherent moral value. Regan also goes on to mention that any such creature has a right to be treated with respect, (Regan). In this case, dolphins are not being treated with respect and are not shown they have values. They are forced to suffer because of being taken away from their natural habitats and families for the entertainment of

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