Why I Love Soccer Essay

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  • Why I Love Soccer

    drives me the most is soccer. I have grown up my entire life either watching, playing, or officiating. It has shaped me as a person due to the people I meet, the work ethic it inspires, and the team/ leadership role it demands. Through high school soccer, I have met many different people from all different ethnic and economic backgrounds. I have also attended Texas A&M soccer camp five years in a row, which has allowed me to meet people from all over the country. No matter who I meet, we always share one thing: The love of playing soccer. That passion is the one thing that matters the most. Nobody on the field cares who you are or where you came from. They just know you love the game as much as them, and they love to share that feeling.…

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  • Explain Why I Love Soccer Essay

    Soccer is a sporting event that I grew up loving because it is a fun activity that people in my place of resident have all gravitated toward during holidays and simply for enjoyment. I love soccer because in my opinion, it is the best team sport ever and one has to be energetic and athletic to actually play the game of soccer. I have been playing soccer from a very tender aged and as I grew up to be a young man, so did my love for the sport. Soccer serves as a medium of unification, bringing…

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  • Examples Of Why I Love Soccer Essay

    Why I Love Soccer In this world full of hatred and chaos there are people all over the globe full of differences that tear them apart. Fortunately there are a variety of sports that bring the society together no matter what country they come from. The most commonly popular sport among them all that is capable of creating a family portrait, is soccer. I admit that soccer can cause fans to get violent, but with soccer it teaches them the way of life which is to be kind to one another. Everyone…

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  • Why I Love Soccer Research Paper

    I have always loved soccer. It is the sport that I had first pursued, and have loved it ever since. I have never thought anything bad of it, never wanted to quit, and have had fun with it since the start. Soccer has helped me greatly with other sports. It keeps me fit, improves my agility, and helps me focus while playing sports. As the sports I have been playing are narrowing down, I have grown to love the sport more and more. I plan to pursue soccer through middle school, hopefully highschool,…

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  • Personal Narrative: Why I Love Soccer

    Do you like or love to play sports? If you do, how about soccer? Well, I know I love soccer. I love soccer because I really like to run, I love most of all sports, I’m good at it, but most of all… it’s soccer. Quickly! Run around in circles, your life depends on it! Soccer. Yep, that’s soccer. I’m not going to lie. Soccer is dangerous. Maybe not as dangerous as football or hockey, but still pretty dangerous. Go for the ball and kick it in the other team’s goal. Seems pretty simple, doesn’t it?…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Why I Love Soccer

    inevitable for me, and while I was technically good at the sport and could compete with almost anyone my age, I never really established a love for the game. So on my tenth birthday at Dave & Busters I wandered over to this fairly large machine in the back corner of the arcade. When I pulled open the curtain it was just open space and you had to go to the front of the machine and select a sport. Since so many of my friends played soccer I selected that and for the game the only objective was to…

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  • Essay On Lucille

    In the early 1930s Lucille moved to Hollywood to seek more acting opportunities, and soon started receiving extra roles in commercials and popular films. In 1940 while filming one of her movies titled Dance, Girl, Dance, she was introduced to the popular Cuban Bandleader named Desi Arnaz, and the two soon fell in love and married (Higham, 1986). Lucille Ball was a determined and hardworking woman, who was strong willed and never let anything stop her from fulfilling her dreams. Despite the…

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  • A Heavenly Christmas Analysis

    I don 't believe I have missed a single "Countdown to Christmas" movie this year on the Hallmark Channel nor its sister network Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. While I have my personal favorites, there is no denying that a massive hit this year was their film A Heavenly Christmas starring Eric McCormack, Kristin Davis, and the legendary Shirley MacClaine. My family and I thoroughly enjoyed this film, and when I discovered that Gregg McBride was the screenwriter for this Yuletide treat, I quickly…

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  • Sexual Behavior

    Take for instance show such as the suite life of Zach and Cody. In this show the main character has a crush on a particular female resident and make many references towards his love for her. These children in this show portrays children who are in their preteens. Such content although it is a part of our growth as human beings are showcased in too many genre across all aspects of television. Even within the movies that our children (ages 2 to 12) watch, which in turn become a huge part of…

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  • Lucille Ball's Impact On The Entertainment Industry

    could achieve her dream of becoming a famous actress. The entertainment industry was greatly impacted by the pioneer Lucille Ball through her achievements with her career, her famous show I Love Lucy, and her billion dollar Empire. It was hard for “The Queen of Comedy”, (http://www.people.com/people/archive/article /020120220, 00.html) Lucille Ball, to get to the success that I Love Lucy gave her. She had dreamed of becoming a famous actress since the age of 12. She attended the John Murray…

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