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  • Memorable Travel Experiences

    5 Themed Ideas to Having Memorable Travel Experiences When you're planning a holiday in another country or a road trip with a campervan, you'll probably ask yourself, "What will I do when I reach my destinations?" Aside from determining your accommodation, transportation and budget options, you will also have to plan your activities when you're already there. But most often, a place can provide a wide assortment of activities or it has a lot of interesting landmarks to the point that you think your holiday time won't be enough. For some, it can be overwhelming to decide what activities to do or where to go. If you're one of them, here are some interesting themes that you can adopt into your travel itinerary. 1. The Local Ways When visiting…

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  • Immigrants: A Memorable Experience

    Bijay Rai ESOL 043 Sep/22/2015 Memorable Experience I had remarkable experienced before I moved here in USA. I was getting ready for new life in different country. In 2012, I did all my legal immigration paper work after I had decided to migrate. On August, I got all confirmation letters from the government and date for flight as well. I had just few more weeks to be with my friends, relatives, and native soil. I had faced hard time to decide and leave everyone until I came USA.…

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  • Memorable Health Care Experience

    Since I was young, having a career where I worked with people was a must when I thought about my future. Thanks to two memorable life experiences, I realized I will receive the most fulfillment in life from becoming a doctor that is heavily involved in patient care. My first memorable healthcare experiences did not come from a doctor, but came from my mother, a dentist. Two years ago, I had a cleaning that she was doing on her own after she just closed her newly opened office for the night. My…

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  • Memorable Experience In My Childhood

    I had always thought of going back to those childhood days, not to change anything but to feel few things twice.” It has taught me the memorable experience of fear, shame, pain, loss, freedom, forgiveness, happiness, kindness, emotions, achievements which I could not find anywhere else. These things made my today better and help me in stepping ahead each day of my life. In my childhood, I failed many times and seen some worst days in my life, but in all stages, my family was always standing with…

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  • The Most Memorable Experience In My Life Essay

    My memorable experience in my life was my last vacation where my brothers and I go to the country where our parents live and work. I’m really excited to go there because I’m going to see my mom and dad. We prepared our clothes and things because we will have a one month vacation there and I’m really excited to ride an airplane and go to UAE. We go to the NAIA, after we got there, we checked in our baggage so we can go inside the plane. When we go to the plane we are welcomed by flight stewards…

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  • Personal Narrative Experience Essay: My Most Memorable Personal Experience

    For me the most memorable personal experience was this summer. It was mid-July and my friend jasmine but I call her Kookie invited me to the beach with her family. So the next morning we leave around 8 in the morning for the beach. We arrive around 10 o’clock at Madera beach Florida. It was already getting so warm outside and the beach didn’t have many people there yet so it was perfect. So we are all unpacking our beach supplies on the sand and Kookies mom started making sandwiches. We ate a…

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  • Reflective Essay: The Positive Effects Of First Relationships

    Firsts will affect for the rest of your life. The first time you experience something will always stick with you whether it’s the first time you kissed someone, when you lost your virginity, or when you first fell in love with someone. When people reminisce on their first they experience all sort of emotions. Looking back on your firsts brings the sensation of disembodiment because feelings are heightened during those times. In many cases when people experience their first relationships they…

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  • Narrative Essay About Coming Of Age

    This variety of experiences creates numerous memories that can be shared amongst friends and family. Each of these memories that are shared have the potential to be inspiring to someone else, or can even bring the lessons that were learned to resurface, showing the reason for coming of age. When memories are created, you are then able to share experiences with others, which can also help you see what you have learned. Memories are an important factor when relating to coming of age. It can be…

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  • Flashbacks In The Novel Johnny Got His Gun

    experienced throughout his life to develop a sense of personal worth symbolically within his loss. the literary effect of flashbacks within the novel is to make certain experiences treasurable with the influence of significant losses like the passionate memories between loved ones, dark realizations of war, and reflections over…

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  • The San Francisco Earthquake By Mark Twain And Jack London

    Mark Twain and Jack London both wrote stories titled “The San Francisco Earthquake”, which tell of their experiences in San Francisco during an earthquake. Both men were physically present in San Francisco during the earthquake, and witnessed the effects of the earthquake firsthand. Although both Twain and London experienced a similar event, the two writers approached the subject very differently in their writing in order to portray their messages. Mark Twain describes his experience of the…

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