Memorable Experience In My Childhood

I had always thought of going back to those childhood days, not to change anything but to feel few things twice.” It has taught me the memorable experience of fear, shame, pain, loss, freedom, forgiveness, happiness, kindness, emotions, achievements which I could not find anywhere else. These things made my today better and help me in stepping ahead each day of my life. In my childhood, I failed many times and seen some worst days in my life, but in all stages, my family was always standing with me. They taught me what was right and what was wrong, Despite of thing about society and what other people will think about them and that made me strong enough to stand on my own in this alien world. Let me drive back in some of those memories from …show more content…
Which were yet to come. all those classmates were not believing it, but still, I was busy in doing unnecessary arguments with them. As my previous results were just like average score, I knew that everyone is jealous of me because of this new that time my anger level was high and I was not in the mood for talking anymore, I was just waiting for the result so, I can show them instead of being joke everywhere. Finally, that moment came; teacher enters in the class with a bundle of test papers in class, my excitement was at by one he was calling everyone’s name and my heart beats were increasing gradually. “jack, “as soon as I heard that, I smiled and walked towards papers. I saw that everyone’s eyes were on me. But the moment I saw the paper, I was in a big shock, I heard the teacher saying," work harder next time “and I saw fail on that paper, and after that moment all ever laughing and making fun of me. that moment was the most embarrassing moment of my life, I faced a big failure for the first time and I was full of egregious. I was still in shock that how can be, this is possible, but no, it was me who become overconfident and never completed all answers and make many silly mistakes and won a big d grade. I was feeling the shame of myself because being a fool, who critics the marks which were bad. and that nightmare day of school ends, …show more content…
After that incident, very next day, I was sad and crying because I don’t want to go to school after that horrible day because it made me tenuous. In that situation, I remember a conversation with my father; Which changed my whole mindset.
“what’s wrong son, where is your smile?” dad asked me innocently.
“nothing is going right.” I said with anger, “you know what happen to me yesterday, right?”, then why are you asking me repeatedly? With a gentle smile, he said “welcome to the world son, and that’s how life is! No one is perfect from beginning”; it is just your practice which makes it possible, and he also adds that “remember, failure teaches many things.” Learn those things, and step ahead.
I argued him saying, “But dad, the problem is those classmates, will Laugh at me; I can’t say anything to them because it’s my entire fault”. I don’t know what happened? I was very confident about the test but now I don’t know what I am going to do.
He whispered that “There is a very small difference in spelling of confident and overconfident”; But now you might have understood the actual difference from

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