Courtroom Observation Essay

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  • Courtroom Observation

    My day started with going to Judge Lippitt’s courtroom. The trial had already started, the defendant’s councilor was doing his opening statement. He was in the middle of telling everyone in the courtroom that this case was about, disagreement on how much bone was removed. Further, calming that the judgment call was on the surgeon who actually saw joint and arthritis. A doctor was brought up, saying that he wanted the least invasive first for the patient, but then it got to the more invasive procedures. He believes that the other doctor, let’s call him doctor 2, made the right diagnostic. He brings up the x-ray of the patient’s foot before and after the operation. He continues saying that the original judgment call belongs to the surgeon because…

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  • Courtroom Observation Report

    I visited the Riverside Country Superior court in Murrieta, California. Where I sat in on two parts of legal environments in a course. Before finding out which court room I would go in to observe a case. I sat in the master calendar room. In this room each case is pushed into a different court room. The master calendar room seemed to be controlled by the lawyers in the room. Of course each lawyer would check in with the policeman in the front so he knew who was in the room, but it was a time…

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  • Courtroom Observation Paper

    I could observer people coming in and out of the court room doors. There were three courtrooms in each side of the building and chairs and benches, couples of tables as well. There were people sitting outside of each courtroom doors, I assumed waiting for the trial or litigation to begin. I stood out for a while to observe what was going on around me. There were people in packets here and there, some of them had worries faces on them. I figured these fellows were families of the defendant. The…

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  • Reflection On Observing Supreme Court

    I observed two criminal courtrooms, one on Monday, March 9h and the other on Wednesday, March 11th of 2015. The courtrooms that I visited are both parts of the Fayette County Court, located close to my home. On Monday the 9th the courtroom I visited was a Superior Court room with Judge Fletcher Sams and on Wednesday the 11th I visited a State Court with Judge Jason Thompson. Observing Superior Court was very interesting. I observed a child molestation case, which plead to a lesser offense.…

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  • Small Bedroom Observation

    class but how completely an observation report was going to expand our small box. When he first stated that all of our perspectives were small,…

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  • Media Negative Influences Court Outcomes

    commitment to religion were the only influences society built their trust in when it came to adopting normative behaviors and determining justice within a controlled society. Unfortunately, those influences are a thing of the past. The most powerful influence in our society today, is the news media. News media have dominated the ability to Impact our daily lives and now has the power to influence judicial outcomes in the courtroom. This paper will examine the relationship between, the news media…

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  • Sample Community Meeting Review

    the court room the entire time. They would come and go as their cases were called, they would also step out to convene with their clients. The presiding judge was Cara D. Hutson, the bailiff was Deputy Vasquez, and for most of the cases I observed, Deputy District Attorney (D.A.) Timothy Dixon represented the people of the State of California. There was also a court reporter, a courtroom clerk, and a deputy in charge of defendants who were in custody. There was no jury in this courtroom so the…

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  • Civil Court Observation

    I visited the New York County Civil Court. I heard five misdemeanors cases in those ninety minutes I was in there. The courtroom was filled with different type of employees. There was the Judge,the security and the lawyers. There were also police officers bringing in the people who were in custody. They will make sure is them and they would call them up and take a picture of their eyes. They made sure it got cleared and after that the person in custody could speak with their lawyer. There was…

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  • Reflection In Criminal Justice

    As a criminal justice, major, I have taken on an American Criminal Courts Class. That is helping me to go more in-depth about the subject. With taking this class, I had the opportunity of going into an actual courthouse to do this assignment. I chose to go to the Chatham County Courthouse in Savannah, Georgia when I went home for Thanksgiving. On my adventure, there I learned a lot of new things. For example, the way they actors and actresses portray how it 's done is different than the way the…

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  • Argumentative Essay: The Guilty Of Jealousy

    out the message that they have the wrong killer. BRIEF SYNOPSIS KELSEY FREEMAN (25), a courtroom stenographer, struggles with a secret drug addiction. She cares for her former boyfriend’s grandmother. She’s assigned to a high-profile murder case involving a reality celebrity. Reality show star ANTHONY is accused of killing his wife LOLA out of jealousy. While preparing for the case, Kelsey is startled when her steno machine spontaneously taps out the message “avenge.” She’s not sure what it…

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