Explain Why I Love Soccer Essay

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Soccer is a sporting event that I grew up loving because it is a fun activity that people in my place of resident have all gravitated toward during holidays and simply for enjoyment. I love soccer because in my opinion, it is the best team sport ever and one has to be energetic and athletic to actually play the game of soccer. I have been playing soccer from a very tender aged and as I grew up to be a young man, so did my love for the sport. Soccer serves as a medium of unification, bringing people of different races and creeds together for solely one purpose and that is for the love of the game. Soccer is a universal sport that knows no boundaries and is played worldwide.
Soccer is a team sport and you have to communicate with your teammates and cover for them when they make a mistake as well as cheer them on
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The soccer tournament is located in England and my favorite team is Chelsea Football Club and my favorite player is Drogba. It is my ultimate dream to go to England and watch a soccer match one day. It is because of the team and Drogba and the enthusiasm of the fans that I am more in love with soccer and would trade no other sport for the game of soccer. I am always glued to my television set when any soccer match is being played. This is the extent to which my love for the game goes.
Another reason why I love the sport of soccer so much is that it serves as good means to exercise my entire body and have me physically fit and morally alert. The game of soccer requires a lot of sprinting and is physically demanding due to the fact that I have to protect the ball (shield it) against an opposing game player or shrug of my opponents. It also builds my endurance levels due to the fact that it’s a ninety minute game played with twenty-two players. Soccer keeps me healthy and it draws a lot of fans and soccer

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