Soccer Influence On My Life Essay

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There are many things that have influenced my life over the past eighteen years such as family, friends, television shows, and video games. Yet the one thing that has influenced my life the most has been the sport of soccer. Soccer has had a great influence on the entire world each and every day. For many people around the world soccer is there whole life. Many people would say that soccer is the way to escape the hardships of the world. The sport also endures hardships on many people in the world. Playing soccer has had both positive, and negative influences on my life in many ways such as the many friendships I have made, the time I put into the sport, and how it made me into a hardworking person. Firstly soccer had a positive influence …show more content…
If it wasn’t for soccer my work ethic would have been absolutely terrible. All of my coaches I have played under have always required the very best no matter what the circumstance is; on the pitch, in the classroom, or in everyday life you had to put one hundred percent in everything you do, or else there’s somebody is ready to take your job. One example is my sophomore year in high school my coach said I would get big minutes this year. That was not the case my touch on the ball, and work ethic dropped off when I was subbed out for a much better player early in the season after our foreign exchange students came to play with us. Near the end of the season I decided to change my position to a place where I would get more playing time; I moved up in age group to play with and against much better competition. It worked I got much better as a player and more importantly as a person through what my coaches and teammates taught each other. If it wasn’t for my coach Joe Adams the next two years of high school soccer would have been my sitting the bench for the whole game, not seeing the pitch once the whole year. And that’s why soccer was one of the most impactful influences of my life. In the way that it helped my develop friendships with many people that I would consider brothers, negatively on time spent in the sport away from my family, and how it

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