Soccer Persuasive Speech

“It doesn’t matter if it’s soccer, football or futbol. This game brings people together.” (Alex Morgan) Soccer is the game of the world. It is played in every country and in every nation. Soccer is the sport of the world because it brings people together, you only need a ball to play, and it gets more views than any other sport nation wide.
Americans are all about football and don’t see the beauty of soccer and what it brings. Soccer is played all around the world.
According to FIFA's most recent Big Count survey, there are 265 million players actively involved in soccer around the world, roughly about 4 percent of the world's population. Sports like American football, on the other hand, are predominantly played and watched in only one country. (Kruschewsky)
American football in America is seen as the top dog in the sport world. I have been to, Austria, Germany, and Brazil, and to see every young person with soccer ball at their feet just makes me smile. I feel like in every other country soccer is the only sport they play. Then and there I new that this sport was a sport to be played everywhere. To plays soccer all you need is a ball and your feet. Even if you can’t afford a ball, you can ball up trash bags and tape them together and still find a way to play this beautiful game.
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That alone would convince any football loving American to believe it is the best sport in the world. But when you look at the world’s viewers, the super bowl has 111.5 million viewers, and the world cup has an astounding 909.6 viewers. Obviously soccer wins this. Soccer is the only sport with a world championship. Yes there is the Olympics and the super bowl, but all in all soccer takes the cake with getting the world together to enjoy the sport. With more than 8 times the super bowl viewers Americans have to see that soccer is a big

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