Gringos At The Gate Film Analysis

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In the film Gringos at the Gate director Roberto Donati explains important historical themes within the rivalry between Mexico and the United States national soccer team. In the film he incorporates two significant themes, which are cultural identities and cultural rivalries within the soccer fan base. In Mexico, soccer means more than just a sport for the people because it is more a passion they live in their everyday life. Mexicans take pride in their allegiance to the national soccer team. This is in reason because soccer has been a leverage to international recognition and dominance. Children in Mexico grow up playing soccer, unlike in the United States where kids grow up to play baseball, football, or basketball. In the United States soccer is not as popular, mainly because it is only available for the upper class children who play on youth soccer teams. This unrecognized sport was detrimental to the success of the USA national soccer team during the twentieth century. The United States was not known internationally for their soccer team. The best players and teams in the world came from …show more content…
Argentina has always had a historic fútbol rivalry with Brazil because they have produced the best players in the world like Messi, Ronaldinho, Pele, and Maradona. According to ESPN statistics Argentina and Brazil have won the most World Cup, Confederation Cup, and Olympic Tournament championship. They both have a record a close record of victories against each other since their first meeting in 1914. Since then players from these countries have gone on to play for the biggest European teams in the world. Many of these players grew up in poverty so there only chance of survival was to play soccer. Unlike, in other countries they did not have to worry about education which is essential in the US in order to gain public

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