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  • Examples Of Letter Of Intent

    accomplished during our meetings and taught them the necessary time management and organizational skills students need to be successful at a collegiate level. The fact that I was rewarded academic coach of the month more than three separate and my students increasing their overall GPA from previous semesters by an average of 0.45 should speak volumes that I am more than capable of holding productive meetings with other students and that my own time management and organizational skills are far beyond stellar. In regards to holding general body meetings, my background in public speaking is also superb. As a junior in high school, I was selected to be the junior class representative in the 50th annual Oratorical Speaking Event. For this event, I was asked to prepare a 15 minute speech and deliver it to an audience of 600. I realized after my speech that I have no problem with public speaking. Seeing that public speaking is the number one fear in the United States, you have no need to worry…

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  • The Toastmasters

    It was a place to hear others and be heard yourself, to give honest feedback, to improve the art of the conversation, and to master the art of public speaking. The group itself capitalizes on imparting valuable leadership abilities and to allow the individual to practice speaking publically in an environment where it is acceptable…

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  • The Importance Of Freedom Of Speech In College

    College begins and everyone is getting ready to return. The night before, my mind was going back and forth deciding whether I should take Public Speaking online or in campus. I decided to give it a try and take in campus. Maybe this way I could face my fear of speaking in public. Woke on a beautiful Monday August 22nd as I open my eyes I was staring at the ceiling with my heart raising as I become more awake knowing it was time. I get to the campus 40 minutes before class in a warm and humid…

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  • Reflective Essay: Improving Communication

    The Eulogy speech honestly threw me off by speaking in third person about myself and by incorporating memories without jumping into first person. The Pro/Con speech was more straight forward in my opinion. I was able to rattle off more stuff from my brain except for the gigantic statistics that I used. I was so worried about rattling off the wrong numbers that I couldn 't help myself from directing my eye 's to the written stats. Finally, the Persuasive Speech allowed for a personal connection…

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  • The Reflection Of A Persuasive I Speech

    At the beginning of the semester, I was terrified of this public speaking class. I mentally prepared myself to accept that fact that achieving a good grade in this class was impossible. I just knew that I would not be good at this one class. I had flashbacks of my high school graduation and the terrifying practices in order to speak a five sentence ceremonial speech. Through this class, I was able to overcome any feelings of anxiety about speaking in front of others and learned how to create…

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  • Reflection About Street Law

    As I sit back and reflect on my time in law school, one of my proudest accomplishments is seeing how much I’ve grown as a public speaker, but something weird happened Wednesday afternoon. After completely bombing my presentation during the students’ visit to SJU I tried to make sense of what happened. The last time I was that nervous during a presentation was freshman year of college, my first public speech in a Communications class. On Wednesday, before the speech I wasn’t nervous, as I walked…

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  • Why Public Speaking Is Important Essay

    a class like Public Speaking is a requirement for most majors? Be specific here - your book gives several examples, however, I want you to come up with someone your own. Let me start by saying that just as reading is the key to life, I believe being able to communicate and understand knowledge through efficiently is as well the key to life. One must be able to give one’s ideas to others in the best way possible for others to understand and comprehend the information to the fullest or else they…

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  • Pitch Perfect Film Analysis

    The first step is refered to as prespeech planning. In the movie this could be Becca putting the music together and producing music and editing it. In the reading the author explains how important this step is by saying "is essential in the development of successful public messages." (Hackman, 275) The second step is organization which is described as “the logic and structure of the ideas presented within a public speech.” (Hackman, 276) This can be seen when the group members decide what parts…

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  • The Fear Of Public Speaking

    There is a lot of surveys before that has public speaking as the number one fear for a lot people especially in America. Some of the famous reasons are stage fright, being judge, low self-esteem etc. However, we all need to speak in front of either a small or bigger group of people whether we like it or not. Public speaking cannot be eliminated, we do it often even without realizing it, and sadly for those people who doesn’t like doing it including myself ended up not not being able to deliver…

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  • Barack Obama's Speech

    Public speaking is commonly feared by people in our society today. Individuals need to have a good understanding of the different ways in which people communicate and interact with each other. Public speakers have to be very good listeners, have adequate preparation, and be very confident in order to become an effective public speaker. President Barack Obama became the 44th President of the United States in 2008. Obama is a great example of an effective public speaker because his presentation…

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