Why Everyone Can And Should Be A Leader Essay

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In the article Why Everyone Can and Should be a Leader it starts out talking about where to find leadership, “ It is said that leadership starts at the top. This is often true of course but it is far from being the whole story. Leaders can also be found at the bottom of an organization and it just about every place in between.” (Wharton, 1) This quote perfectly describes Beca and where she starts off as a leader. Pitch Perfect incorporated all the steps into become a successful group.
The movie starts out with Beca getting sucked into trying out for a cappella singing in college. After getting the part and practicing with the group she finds out she does not have much of a voice in the group and therefore does not identify as a leader in the group. Soon after their first competition she shares on of her ideas with the group and begins to take on a more leadership role in the group. This concept that the article is talking about, of working as a leader and not being the president or having the label as leader in the group can be done.
The first step in group interaction is finding a common purpose or goal. “Group members have something that they want to accomplish together…” (Hackman, 201) For the Bellas their goal is to win competition at regionals and nationals. Have a goal makes the Bellas a group of singers and not just a bunch of girls.
The next criteria for a group is interdependence. The textbook describes this as, “The success of any one member of the group depends…

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