Analysis Of The Toastmasters Meeting

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I was recently invited to attend the Toastmasters meeting in Millington, Tennessee, however I was not entirely sure what to expect. I was, to say the least, surprised at how informal and socially casual the club is. In contrast with a TED talk’s audience, there is no harsh buzzer or overbearing timer to stare at while giving your presentation, the meeting was in fact, very relaxed and only focused on self-improvement. It was a place to hear others and be heard yourself, to give honest feedback, to improve the art of the conversation, and to master the art of public speaking. The group itself capitalizes on imparting valuable leadership abilities and to allow the individual to practice speaking publically in an environment where it is acceptable to make mistakes; unlike a meeting room you would encounter at work. This intimate focus on one person allows others to evaluate and objectively critique the speaker for subconscious errors, and offer suggestions and advice to counter these subliminal mistakes. In attendance were members who have belonged for a great deal of time, others whom only recently joined, as well as guests, such as myself, who were …show more content…
With regards to the substance of the speech, the speaker had focused on one topic, with a subsequent explanation on each, individual point that she was making. Often these discussions included personal experiences, tied in with her thoughts’ at the time of the interaction. This helps to establish credibility in her message, while also allowing the audience to analyze her thought process which led her to make these decisions as a

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