A Rhetorical Analysis Of Amanda Palmer's The Art Of Asking

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Asking others for help, allows people to receive necessary support. Not by wondering how to make them help, but simply, by just asking. Amanda Palmer interprets this concept in her talk, “The Art of Asking” .She uses the sense of emotion and physical movements along with loaded words to greatly enhance her point. She also brings in her own background story to help the listeners relate to what she is saying. Palmer uses different styles in her speaking to get the listeners’ attention and help them understand exactly what she is trying to get across. These three styles create a compelling argument due to her usage of word choice and body gestures to strengthen her emotional appeal. Palmer engages her audience through gestures. She opens her talk, standing on a crate while moving a piece of fabric around with a flower in her hand. This gets people thinking, “What is she doing?”, so they automatically feel curious in what she is going to say. Throughout her talk, she moves her hands effectively to enhance her words. When she talks about her being the eight foot tall bride and having encounters with people on the streets, she moves her hands towards where she is looking straight, as if that person were there …show more content…
She relies on her background information to prove her points. Her story relates to the audience because she acts as an ordinary person other than a musician. These three different techniques makes her argument strong. It helps the listeners understand what her points are by making them feel like they lived through her experience. She implies that people should know the question of “asking others” rather than “forcing others”. The audience can then easily side with Palmer in her argument because of the strong emotional bond she

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