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  • Hidden Intellectualism: Hidden Intellectualism By Gerald Graff

    I agree that students are judged to be either book smart or street smart because my experience in Pattonsburg High School confirms it. In my small school of merely 75 high school students, students are considered either book smart or street smart, and like it states in the book, the two groups tend to not get along very well. I think that society believes that in order for a person to become successful in the world they must be book smart; however, I believe that some students are challenging that belief. In “Hidden Intellectualism”, Gerald Graff, tells his story about how he once was an anti-intellect who later in life became a true intellectualist. In Graff’s early teen years he was only interested in reading from sports magazines, but…

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  • Hidden Intellectualism In Gerald Graff's Article: Hidden Intellectualism

    have the ability to overcome problems of everyday life through the gained knowledge of experience. English and education professor Gerald Graff from the University of Illinois at Chicago uses his article, “Hidden Intellectualism” to discuss the importance of integrating “street smarts” with academics in order to help assist students in educational learning. Graff believes that knowledge goes beyond the academic settings and into the everyday life experiences. I agree with the past president of…

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  • Hidden Intellectualism Summary

    Today, the high speed development of Internet technology allows people to obtain knowledge more conveniently than any previous age. The plentiful methods in getting knowledge cause some people to doubt the functions of the college, and claim that the college is already not the best place in nurturing intellectuals. Gerald Graff expresses the similar idea depending on his childhood’s experience in “Hidden intellectualism”, and claims the “street smarts” can provide more benefits than “book smart”…

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  • The Argument Of Hidden Intellectualism

    Hidden Intellectualism has been become a controversial topic for educators of late and needs to be assessed so that educators can address this particular issue and modify classroom teachiwhether or not a person with a highly evolved “street smarts” and who does poorly in an academic environment should be considered any less intellectual than one who is well acclimated to academia and categorized as an excellent student On the one hand gerald graff argues that “real intellectuals turn any…

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  • Gerald Graff's Response: Hidden Intellectualism

    Samual Yisehak C. Petitti ENGL 1105-42R 29 September 2016 Hidden Intellectualism Response Gerald Graff, a professor of English at the University of Illinois, wrote Hidden Intellectualism, an excerpt from the book They Say/I Say. The essay tackles the issue that one cannot be intelligent in any context except for the academic world. Intellectualism by any other subject is just as academic. I agree with Graff’s main point, however, I take umbrage with small details used in the essay. In any other…

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  • Hidden Intellectualism Gerald Graff Analysis

    Looking back, Graff realizes that sports are actually more intellectual than school because they are full of debates, analytical problems, and relevant statistics. Thus, Graff logically concludes that street smarts can satisfy the intellectual thirst better than school, since they are more compelling and real. Moreover, they also satisfy the thirst for community, one beyond that of friends and family. Graff supports this claim by pointing out that sports are a national discussion, a public…

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  • Analysis Of Gerald Graf's Project In Hidden Intellectualism

    Gerald Graff’s Project in Hidden Intellectualism Name Institution Gerald Graff’s Project in Hidden Intellectualism In his article Hidden Intellectualism, Gerald Graff attests that intellect does not exist only in the scholarly form of thinking. Instead, he argues that intellect can also take the form of “street smarts”. In his opinion, this kind of intellectualism is obscured under the mask of normal discussions about sports, soap operas, and fashion, among others. Most students harbor…

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  • Analysis Of Gerald Graff's Hidden Intellectualism

    Anyone can be intellectual? At any educational level, different groups and types of students exist. Intellectualism can be approached and understood in many forms, varying from regular study works, vast literature, and knowledge provided at educational institutions. Often believed that it was only practiced by selected few persons, such as scholars with great academic “intelligence” but as we progress in society, many of the social constructs built over the years, have turned a whole…

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  • Analysis Of Hidden Intellectualism In Blue Colored Brilliance

    What do you think about learning, whether it be going to college or not going to college? If you’re not, do you plan on working at a job for the rest of your life? According to Mike Ross in Blue Colored Brilliance Rose’s mother was only a waitress and didn’t go to college. He believes that she still acquired knowledge through brains and physically. Whereas Gerald Graff in Hidden Intellectualism believes that “street smarts” can turn into successful academic people. In Graff’s story he does a…

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  • Gerald Graff: An Analysis Of Gerald Graff's Hidden Intellectualism

    In the text “Hidden Intellectualism”, Gerald Graff’s defined intellectualism as the knowledge that varied within different experiences not only academically but non-academically. In his definition Graff considered book-smarts and street-smarts as intellectual persons. Graff definition on intellectualism was based on his belief that people who develop another interests beside schools’ topics are also able to write and think critically, as an evidence he gave his personal experience on how his…

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