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  • Rape Culture: The Implications Of Rape Culture

    As the University of Minnesota -and beyond- continues to grapple with the implications of rape culture, it’s worth taking a moment to re-center the people most impacted by sexual assault: victim-survivors. While the media may fixate on high-profile sports teams, and the conversation on social media may zoom in on the back-and-forth of the micro-level legal particulars of a given case, victim-survivors are meanwhile left reliving their trauma. It is up to us, as a community, to support victim-survivors, in terms of the personal relationships we have in our own lives, and in the broader culture of which we are all a part. “Being a good person” is a start, but it is not enough. To really disrupt and dismantle rape culture, we must put our values…

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  • Definition Of Rape

    What is rape? The definition of rape is the crime of forcing another person to have sexual intercourse with the offender against his or her will. Rape is not as black and white as the definition portrays it. Laws about what rape is and isn 't differ from state to state and even country to country. In the United States of America, it is illegal for an eighteen-year-old to have sex with someone who is 16, but in Great Britain, the age of consent is 16. Not only does it vary from country, but also…

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  • The Rape Culture

    women to be at fault for rape, no matter what (Harding 44-46). In the world today and in the rape culture we are immersed in, people believe men are completely incapable of self-control and therefore they are entitled…

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  • Rape Stigma

    America the Free Home of the: Stigma Why has the stigma of rape victims not changed in modern society? According to the Encyclopedia of Rape, “rape has always been a part of human culture” (Smith IX). Rape is defined as the unlawful sexual intercourse or any other sexual penetration of the vagina, anus, or mouth of another person, with or without force, by a sex organ, other body part, or foreign object, without the consent of the victim or to seize, take, and carry off by force. Even though…

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  • Campus Rape

    In today’s society, campus rape has been a big issue and it keeps happening over and over again in the U.S. colleges/universities campuses. For example, look at the Brock Turner case. His potential sentence of 14 years in prison, but he only gotten 6 months in jail, followed by 3 years of formal probation, and to be registered s sex offender for life because the judge chose to give him leniency to Turner for the harsh impact imprisonment that would have on him. I’ve been hearing about campus…

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  • Rape In Prisons

    A traumatizing event damages a person. For instance, rape damages people mentally and physically in various ways. Also, the community is effected by the mental and physical instability of the victim. Furthermore, an enormous problem in jails and prisons is rape which is why the Rape Elimination Act needs to be strictly enforced. The Rape Elimination Act needs to be enforced for the mental and physical health of the inmates to ensure the safety of the inmates and the public. Rape causes…

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  • Rape Stereotypes

    Everyone today has heard of at least one rape story. And if a citizen has only heard of one story, they must rarely keep up with current events in society. Whether it came from the victim her/himself or on the local news, its no surprise the rate at which this specific crime is occurring. The shocking news is, however, the number one location rape happens today is on college campuses nationwide (Parent, 2010). If so many rapes occur on a weekly or even daily basis, why are the majority of them…

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  • Risk Of Rape

    “The Risk of Rape” discusses the existence of rape on college campuses, and how the so called “ivory tower” is not as great as it seems. It mentions two opposing views: that the rape “epidemic is not real”, and that a large amount of rapes are committed against women attending college, and this is a problem that needs to be looked at. In order to see which side of the coin is right, this chapter covers studies done on college campuses. They look at how the social life of most college students…

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  • Incidents Of Rape

    Colleges care immensely about impressions of their campuses to the expense of some of their students. Amy Becker reports in her article “91 Percent of Colleges Reported Zero Incidents of Rape in 2014” that of 11,000 campuses, 91 percent disclosed zero reports of rape in 2014. This appears as a wonderful statistic however it fails to match with research, campus surveys, or experiences reported by college students. In 2013, the Congress authorized the act Violence Against Women Act to address…

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  • Rape Culture

    Rape Culture in Our Society Today Although the majority of society believes rape culture was fabricated by feminists, rape culture is real and extremely prevalent in our society. Many rapists receive little to no jail time, their victims are blamed, and rape is normalized. In the world today, college campuses have become a breeding ground for cases like the one involving Brock Turner. People believe the rapist’s education and their athletic career is more important than the person they raped. No…

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