Sleep Deprivation and Academic Performance Essay

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  • Sleep Deprivation In College Students Essay

    restriction of sleep has caused sleep deprivation to become categorized as an endemic in college students (Hershner, Chervin, 2014). It is important that sleep deprivation and irregular sleep schedules is addressed in order to ensure that students are exercising their full academic potential. Because sleep deprivation in college students is strongly correlated with poor sleeping habits, students must be educated on ways to alter these behaviors in order to optimize sleep quality. One strategy that can improve sleep quantity and quality of college students is circadian rhythm management (Marhefka, 2011). Students must adjust their schedule so that they are going to bed and waking up around the same time every day, allowing variation of only one hour, even on weekdays. Another possible solution to decreasing sleep deprivation in college students is the application of sleep hygiene recommendations. Students are advice to avoid caffeine, nicotine, and other stimulants in the late afternoon because they enhance alertness, making it difficult to fall asleep (Bulboz et al, 2009). Although alcohol is a depressant and can make it easier to fall asleep, it should…

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  • The Effects Of Sleep Deprivation On Teens

    Wake-Up Call: Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Teens Many adolescents, in today’s society, suffer from sleep deprivation due to late nights spent cramming for tests and late nights spent partying. Teens often spend their days fighting to stay awake in class and obtaining as much caffeine as they can in order to do so. Academics play a crucial role in the teenage years. From elementary school to high school and most importantly, college, students are striving to achieve academic success to better…

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  • What Is Sleep Deprivation?

    Sleep deprivation Did you know college students only receive 5 - 6.5 hours of sleep per night; the college years are disreputably sleep-deprived because of an excess of doing. (Cancel, Hysing., 2016,). College might be the only time when it is suitable to sleep at 4 a.m. because it is required in order to maintain a full school schedule, part-time job, social life, and personal life. College students frequently devote extended nights cramming for an exam, escorted by a lot quantities of…

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  • Why High School Should Start Later

    School the start time is 7:53 a.m. According to the National Sleep Foundation’s 2002 Sleep in America poll, 80% said high schools should start no earlier than 8:00 a.m. each day. Many students complain throughout the school day of being tired because there are getting less than the recommended 8.5-9.5 hours of sleep due to homework and extra-curricular activities. Later start times could improve mood, performance, attendance, and alertness in students. The only downfall to starting the day later…

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  • The Negative Effects Of Sleep Deprivation Among Students

    Sleep deprivation continues to be a growing issue regarding a student’s academic performance. Many students in all types of education are experiencing inadequate sleep as they are obtaining about one and a half hours less than the recommended sleep duration of eight and a half hours. (Lund, Reider, Whiting and Prichard, 2010). The cause of this issue is often due to excessive workloads and academic stress that induce problems in a student’s sleep schedule. However, continuously experiencing poor…

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  • Sleep Deprivation In College Students

    Sleep Deprivation College might be the only time when it is suitable to go to sleep at 4 a.m. because it is required to manipulating a full school schedule, part-time job, social life, and personal life, college students frequently devote extended nights cramming for an exam, escorted by a lot quantities of caffeine. This needs taking benefit of any down period to catch up on sleep. However, just because it is suitable does not mean it is healthy. In fact, a study has shown that college students…

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  • The Negative Effects Of Sleep Deprivation On College Students

    Sleep Deprivation Sleep is as a magic wand that will change your day for the better when it is used properly. Nowadays life has become more difficult than before. There are those who need to work for long hours in order to earn a sufficient amount of money to help them to live decently. As well as many students need to study long hours in order to succeed and get high grades, and thus get a good job in the near future. Most of these people and many others suffer from lack of sleep that could…

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  • Sleep Deprivation In College

    When most people hear the words “sleep” and “college” uttered from a student, they start to cringe. This is an obstacle that so many of us college students must battle each day as we try to maintain our sanity in our continuous fight against time as we attempt to manage our hectic schedules filled with academics, athletics, arts, work, service, and socialization. Many students have already surrendered to this monumental task and thus have to suffer through the effects of sleep deprivation.…

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  • Sleep Deprivation Effects

    Sleep serves to restore the body from the stresses life brings, but what happens to the body when it lacks adequate sleep? The belief is that this deficiency wreaks havoc on all aspects of life, including academic performance, behavior, and physical health. In today’s society, the importance of sleep is commonly overlooked, despite the fact that it pertains to all people, of all ages, all over the world. Teenagers, specifically, have fallen victim to factors that hinder their ability to attain…

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  • Persuasive Essay: Why Do School Days Start Later?

    amount of sleep they need each night, their academic performance would increase, and, most importantly, they would be happier. “Getting enough sleep is important for students’ health, safety, and academic performance,” said Anne Wheaton, the study’s lead author and epidemiologist in the CDC’s Division of Population Health. There may be conflicts in changing this but, it could be really beneficial to the students. The typical schedule for a high school student is to wake up around 6 o’clock to…

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