Effects Of Sleep Deprivation On Teens Essay

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Wake-Up Call: Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Teens Many adolescents, in today’s society, suffer from sleep deprivation due to late nights spent cramming for tests and late nights spent partying. Teens often spend their days fighting to stay awake in class and obtaining as much caffeine as they can in order to do so. Academics play a crucial role in the teenage years. From elementary school to high school and most importantly, college, students are striving to achieve academic success to better their future; however, with an imbalance in the amount of sleep teens should be getting, their academic performance severely suffers from their behaviors. Long and short-term sleep deprivation can lead to many negative effects on the body and cause a variety of problems. It is important for teens in there adolescent years to obtain as much sleep as they can, and the proper amount each night, in order to promote a healthier lifestyle as they grow older. Sleep deprivation has become a major concern among teens in adolescence. Many teens are unaware of some of the short-term consequences that follows consistent patterns of sleep loss. Over the span of six short, sleepless nights, people can already experience some of the short-term effects of sleep deprivation (Orzel-Gryglewska). In the article, “Consequences Of Sleep Deprivation,” the author discusses the day-to-day effects that people who suffer from sleep deprivation can experience. Jolanta Orzel-Gryglewska defines sleep…

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