Later School Start Times

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People worldwide are concerned about schools starting too early in the day and have been debating about the benefits of later school start times. Every weekday, students must face the struggle of waking up early to get ready for school without getting enough sleep the night before. Schools starting at a later time during weekdays would allow students to have extra time to sleep in the morning and be more alert and focused. This can result in less sleep-related car accidents and tardies. It can also provide opportunities for students to succeed in school because studies show that alert students are more willing to study and understand concepts than if they were tired. Therefore, grades and test results may increase. While it may use up a large sum of money to pay for transportation at different times, many students are able to get more sleep and better grades.

To begin, sleep deprivation, or sleep loss, is a chronic health problem many students face, perhaps from the early school start times that are a factor in this issue. According to the article “When Sleep and School Don’t Mix,” adolescents with sleep deprivation carry
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Furthermore, while earlier start times may encourage adolescents to be responsible for managing their time to get ready and be on time for school, teens would create poor sleep habits as they develop anxiety and stress from being required to wake up early. Furthermore, even if they would have to face trying to manage their extracurricular activities, students would be able to sleep earlier and wake up the next morning to finish school responsibilities while gaining concentration from meeting the recommended hours of sleep. Without a doubt, if schools change their starting times later, one major leap is taken to ensure students’ and teachers’ sleep needs are met so that they are able to sleep and function during the school

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