Argumentative Essay: Should School Start Later?

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There are a lot of good effects if school started later. Many teenagers would agree that getting up early in the morning is stressful. School should start later because students would be more focused and less stressed and get better grades and have less of a chance of getting depression with more sleep. We will be arguing that school will start later in the morning. One reason schools should start later is that students can get extra sleep. It’s best that students have extra sleep which results in increased focus. On average, teens need at least 9 hours of sleep every night. With the school schedules that we currently have, teens sleep less than 7 hours every night. Your sleeping habits also reflect how much melatonin is in your body. The darker it is outside, the more tired you are. This produces melatonin that is released in the blood. Scientists say that extra sleep can also benefit your memory and health. Sleep …show more content…
If school starts later, students can have time in the morning to complete homework and to study. It incredibly benefits students with below-average test scores since they have an opportunity to study extra. Therefore, they can score higher and be less prone to failing. A sleep expert named Paul Kelley from the Sleep and Circadian Neuroscience Institute at the University of Oxford noticed an increase in test scores when school started later in the morning. School districts all over the US have seen the changes and have started to revise their school times and made them later therefore, students can improve and focus on their academics.

Two reasons why school should not start late are that the students might have to finish homework late and there would not be a lot of time for after school activities. If we go to school later in the day, then we will finish school later in the day also. Which means that kids might be up late at night to finish

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