Explain Why School Should Start Later Essay

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Have you ever been late to school because you slept in. Well I have done that because I did not go to bed at the right time. Mostly everyone has a time to be in bed, because of school in the morning and some kids don’t follow that rule which the students should. The students should follow that rule because they have school in the morning and they have to be there early. I believe that the time of school should stay the same because it would cost more money, you wouldn't have problems if you went to bed earlier, and it would disrupt after-school activities if we went later.
To start of with, it would cost way more money for the school districts. The article “Should school start later” states “For some school districts, the cost could run into the millions.” This quote is saying that the students would need to buy more buses and build more garages
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According to the junior scholastic ,kids articles and books that everyone reads, quotes “To get plenty of zzz’s, experts recommend that kids limit their use of electronic devices at night.” This is stating that if the students are off their electronics for a unquestionable amount of time then the students will be able to sleep better. Furthermore if you go to bed at an earlier time, then you will be able to be awake better and ready for school but with all those kids that go to bed between ten and three a clock the students are not getting the right amount of sleep.
In comparison, it would disrupt the after school activities. According to should schools start later. Quotes “a later start, say opponents, also interferes with somm teens’ part-time jobs and disrupts after-school sports and clubs. This quote is saying that the students would not have anytime for sports or anything because it gets out late and the kids will still have homework to do. Even if the students did practice in the morning, then they would still have to get up early that is why it should stay the

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