Why Should School Start Later In The Day Essay

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Over the past ten years there have been several issues pertaining to why school should start later in the day. Many parents, teachers, and board leaders have tried pushing the issues so that the start time will change, but not a whole lot has happened. There are schools in all fifty states that want to jump on board and start school later, so why not just do it? It’s way easier said than done. The top reason why people don’t want to start school later in the day is because they are already used to the seven or eight AM start time and they claim that they wouldn’t be able to get used to the schedule. Not any time soon, anyways. School should start later in the day so students will be more focused and alert throughout the day.

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One reason is because students, teens especially, need more sleep. Studies have shown that teenagers need the most sleep and they usually don’t get half of what they’re body needs. Another reason, stemming from lack of sleep, is health issues. Students can develop several health issues from lack of sleep such as and not limited to anxiety, depression, eating disorders, ADHD, and other issues as well. Another logical reason is because starting school later would save elementary schools and high schools thousands upon thousands of dollars. One school in North Carolina saved upwards of $700,000 in one year by just changing the bus routes to dual bus routes. It’s simple things such as that that could save school districts so much money. If people knew how much money that could be saved, they would not have a problem with starting school later. There isn’t a single person trying to inconvenience anyone by trying to start school later in the day, it is all for good reasons. Imagine how much better the economy could possibly be if each school would create a dual bus route and save $700.000 a year or more? Or just by shortening in between passing periods which wouldn’t negatively affect any after school activities and it would improve grades and …show more content…
Students, the students’ parents, and teachers are all used to the school start times. It could be possible that if school did start later, nobody would be used to it and it would take a long time before they would get used to it. And with that, if school started later, school would also get out later in the day. That could interfere with after-school curriculars, part-time jobs, volunteering, and it would be a huge adjustment. Also, with school starting later students may get used to sleeping in. Sometimes when you’re able to sleep in you don’t want to get up and go to school at all. It might be a stretch, but it is possible for students to not go to school. With that comes truancy, and truancy could also be an issue with school starting early too.If students are able to sleep in, they might stay up later. If students stay up later, the delayed start time will be useless and have no positive outcome for the students. It would be as if the start time is the same. Students may become lax and stop caring what happens with little sleep. Their focus will go down and alertness will be next to nothing. Regardless of school starting later or at the same time, students need sleep.

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